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New custom paint colours for enclosures at no extra cost

Metcase now offers eight new shades to its range of always-in-stock paints – which takes the total to 37 colours and includes anodising, passivate, pre-treatment and anti-corrosion finishes. The new paint colours comprise violet blue (RA

Metcase | 29-09-2022

Making light work of wiring with new electrical junction box range

Hylec-APL's full range of patented Debox electrical junction boxes are designed to save electrical contractors time and effort in each wiring project, internal and external. As well as its Debox ranges, it also offers its metal and ABS door

Hylec-APL | 28-09-2022

High voltage switching modules feature multiple switch topologies

Pickering Interfaces has released new ranges of switching test modules that provide high performance up to 9kV. Its 4x-323 PXI range and 65-23x LXI range are provided in multiple topologies such as multiplexers and smaller ‘building bloc

Pickering | 23-09-2022

Latest high-precision GNSS module provides increased scalability to applications

u-blox now offers a new firmware update which extends the range of positioning augmentation services supported by its ZED-F9R high precision GNSS dead reckoning modules. Thanks to a firmware update, the ZED-F9R-03B adds support for SPARTN 2

U-Blox | 22-09-2022

New protective enclosure is now available and LTE and Industry 4.0 ready

Foremost Electronics now offers the latest stand-alone enclosure series from FIBOX. The new NEO enclosure has been specially created for industrial control, IoT and building automation and is a secure option for applications that need a ver

Foremost | 22-09-2022

Insertable gasket profiles and associated cabinet locking hardware

EMKA MD Andy Billingham recently indicated that recessed enclosure and cabinet doors often call for a careful selection of hardware, such as internally mounted hinges, to complement the security offered by a recessed door. This is character

Emka | 14-09-2022

IP platforms with pre-packaged supply chains for reduced risk

Sondrel launched its Architecting the Future series covering the SFA 100 to the SFA 350A last year. These pre-packaged SoC IP architectures offer a fast track for developing a new chip as all that is required is to pick the most appropriate

Sondrel | 12-09-2022

Webinar series for beginners and experts on adhesive bonding

DELO offers another series of webinars for beginners and experts on adhesive bonding. Topics will cover bonding technology basics and practical tips for recent developments in the industry, including screen printing and stencil printing of

DELO | 12-09-2022

High-performance TFT display modules in a small-size

Review Display Systems introduces a new range of high-performance and small-size TFT display modules. Available in various sizes and resolutions including 1.4" (240 x 240 pixels), 1.77" (128 x 160 pixels), 2.4" QVGA (240 x 320 pixels), 2.8"

Review Display | 09-09-2022

Energy harvesting wireless connectivity module enables batteryless solutions

Telink and Nowi have reinforced their current partnership by launching an Energy Autonomous Wireless Connectivity Module. This new product provides extra energy harvesting use-cases by reducing BOM size, cost and complexity. Telink's new

Telink | 07-09-2022

Multiple battery options for handheld enclosures

OKW Enclosure’s DATEC-CONTROL handheld enclosures for large graphics displays are now offered with a wide range of battery options. The enclosure is ideal for applications incorporating mobile data collection and transfer, medical and we

OKW Enclosures | 07-09-2022

New UV industrial laser modules provide a compact and robust solution

ProPhotonix Limited has extended its range of industrial laser modules to include new UV lasers at 375nm. It has access to the latest in laser diode technology and developed these reliable and durable UV lasers to address various OEM applic

ProPhotonix | 06-09-2022

High-endurance SSD solutions deliver thermal efficiency to HPEC applications

Advantech has released a pair of new SQFlash PCIe Gen.4 SSD solutions: the SQF 930 and SQF ER-1. IoT is forcing growing demand for high-performance storage. Consequently, the solutions provide industrial heat dissipation capabilities that s

Advantech | 05-09-2022

Embedded Box PC offers rich I/O packed into a compact device

Impulse Embedded now offers the Aaeon Technology's BOXER-8640AI, its latest rugged, embedded box PC and the first to be powered by the NVIDIA flagship Jetson AGX Orin SoM, which provides a sixfold increase in AI performance over the last ge

Impulse Embedded | 02-09-2022

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