New adhesive for closed-cavity packaging in CMOS image sensors

DELO has created a new, reliable sealant adhesive for CMOS image sensors, which are often employed in driver monitoring systems. Glass filters can be bonded directly to the semicon

Industrial | 22-05-2024

Medical portfolio adds new adhesive for biosensors

DELO Industrial Adhesives has developed a new medical-grade adhesive, DELO MONOPOX MG3727. Based on a long-proven consumer electronics adhesive providing low-temperature curing and

Medical | 08-03-2024

Active alignment adhesive for high-resolution automotive cameras

With DELO DUALBOND OB6799, DELO provides an adhesive optimised to fulfil the high optical needs of modern driver assistance systems. With it, the adhesive manufacturer sets new pro

Test & Measurement | 31-10-2023

New semicon adhesive propels autonomous driving forward

DELO has created a flexible electronics adhesive that permanently seals sensor housings airtight and reliably protects components such as image sensors. DELO DUALBOND BS3770 satisf

Semiconductors | 23-10-2023

New adhesive for automotive lighting

DELO has created a new adhesive for automotive lighting applications. DELO PHOTOBOND OB4189 is resistant to yellowing and, with its high aspect ratio, is especially suited to bondi

Automotive & Transport | 31-08-2023

First dual-curing high-temperature structural adhesive for electric motors

DELO has created its first dual-curing, high-temperature adhesive for electric motor applications. DELO DUALBOND HT2990 is intended for usage in multiple processes, including magne

Test & Measurement | 07-07-2023

High-tech adhesives for thin-film solar cells offer protection against humidity

DELO offers adhesives for solar cells for the first time. The light-curing products based on epoxy resins or acrylates are ideal for bonding the protective films of thin-film solar

Industrial | 30-03-2023

Highest power and flexibility in adhesive curing

DELO has created a line lamp for curing adhesives and other multi-functional polymers. DELOLUX 301 is ideal for highly automated processes in small and narrow production lines. The

Industrial | 06-02-2023

Webinar series for beginners and experts on adhesive bonding

DELO offers another series of webinars for beginners and experts on adhesive bonding. Topics will cover bonding technology basics and practical tips for recent developments in the

Subs & Systems | 12-09-2022

New UV adhesives improve integration of holographic films in augmented reality HUDs

DELO has created DELO PHOTOBOND UV acrylates for optoelectronics that allow fast and true-colour bonding of holographic films manufactured by Covestro. The automotive industry and

Subs & Systems | 22-02-2022

Wide range of webinars available on bonding technology

DELO is hosting six webinars in the first half of 2022. Multiple aspects of the joining process will be investigated, from the basics of bonding technology to dispensing options an

Subs & Systems | 19-01-2022

Powerful UV curing lamp for cleanrooms

DELO curing lamps offer a modular design and can be modified to customer-specific demands. One example is the DELOLUX 203 UV area lamp, which it has produced for a leading supplier

Subs & Systems | 05-07-2021

New structural adhesive offers class-leading temperature stability

DELO has launched an adhesive with high-temperature stability. DELO MONOPOX HT2999 delivers strengths of 20MPa at 180C. This is four times greater than its predecessor. The product

Subs & Systems | 15-04-2021

Thermally conductive battery adhesive for hybrid vehicles

DELO has introduced a structural adhesive for batteries employed in hybrid vehicles. Created for high-volume series production, DELO-DUOPOX TC8686 is thermally conductive and flame

Automotive & Transport | 29-01-2021