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High-performance embedded computing for demanding applications

Review Display Systems now offers two new COM-HPC modules from AAEON. The HPC-RPSC and HPC-ADSC modules support 12th and 13th-generation Intel Core processors and have been developed to deliver high-performance embedded computing for demand

Review Display | 12-07-2024

Four-lane video switch enables next-gen commercial displays and more

Mouser now stocks the PI3WVR41310 13.5Gbps high-speed video switch from Diodes Incorporated. The device is a multi-standard 4-lane 3:1 multiplexer/1:3 demultiplexer video switch with wide voltage range capability. This Mux/DeMux switch s

Mouser Electronics | 11-07-2024

Power management component optimised for embedded system integration

As a standout in power management components, the LT8645SEV#PBF, available from WIN SOURCE, distinguishes itself in embedded system applications with its outstanding multifunctionality and high integration. Designed by Analog Devices, this

WIN SOURCE | 10-07-2024

Raspberry Pi CM4-based server provides optimised and reliable industrial solutions

Sfera Labs has announced the first shipments of its new Strato Pi Max flexible and expandable industrial controller, which is based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM) 4. The module stands out with its modular design, DIN rail mount,

Sfera Labs | 08-07-2024

Next-generation power transistor breaks through efficiency limits of embedded systems

As a leading power conversion solution, Infineon Technology's IPT007N06N, available now from WIN SOURCE, plays a central role in modern power electronics design. This N-channel power MOSFET uses its outstanding on-resistance and extremely h

WIN SOURCE | 05-07-2024

Multi-core embedded CPU with equal emphasis on performance and security

This CPU, available WIN SOURCE, is equipped with a high-speed M-Class core that can operate at speeds up to 252MHz, delivering an impressive performance of up to 415 DMIPS. The core includes 16KB I-Cache and 4KB D-Cache, ensuring efficient

WIN SOURCE | 01-07-2024

Leveraging high-performance MCU technology to elevate embedded design

STMicroelectronics' STM32F030F4P6TR, available now from WIN SOURCE, represents the pinnacle of high-performance MCUs within the STM32F0 series. It is specifically designed to deliver outstanding functionality across various embedded system

WIN SOURCE | 27-06-2024

Low-profile AC/DC power supplies offer convection for medical and industrial applications

XP Power today announces a new series of low-profile 550W AC-DC power supplies rated for convection, conduction, and forced-air cooling. Approved for use in medical and industrial applications, the new PSUs are ideal for a wide range of app

XP Power | 26-06-2024

Embedded PC series developed for marine applications

In the marine industry, complex systems, such as navigation and communication, are integrated to enhance daily operations on the water. These systems improve the efficiency of the industry’s processes worldwide. With heavy-duty seafaring op

Impulse Embedded | 19-06-2024

New industrial panel PCs enhances efficiency in manufacturing and logistics

Delta has revealed its latest innovation – a new series of Industrial Panel PCs designed to boost efficiency and reliability in critical operations across various industries. Available in 12", 15", and 19" models, these PPCs offer multi-poi

Delta Electronics | 19-06-2024

Family of compact Raspberry Pi-based CM servers

Sfera Labs has boosted the computing power of its Strato Pi CM family of compact Raspberry Pi-based CM servers and Iono Pi Max Industrial PLC, delivering support for the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4S (CM4S) with 4GB and 8GB RAM. The

Sfera Labs | 05-06-2024

Palm-size intelligent edge computers powered by Intel's latest N200

Advantech has released the ARK-1125 series, a new line of palm-size fanless box PCs powered by Intel's latest N200 (from the N-series) and X7211E (from the X-series) processors. The series features ultra-compact, ruggedised units developed

Advantech | 03-06-2024

Mini SMARC customisable SOM delivers edge processing for HMI and industrial apps

Mouser now stocks the Nitrogen8M Mini SMARC from Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity). As part of the company's comprehensive SOM portfolio, the Nitrogen8M Mini SMARC conforms to the SMARC 2.1.1 industry standard, providing global certifica

Mouser Electronics | 21-05-2024

Engineers offered the latest in AI, automation and embedded solutions

Mouser is an authorised global distributor of solutions from Advantech, a leader in IoT intelligent systems, Industry 4.0, Edge computing, AI embedded systems and more. Advantech is a premier member of Intel Internet of Things Solutions and

Mouser Electronics | 14-05-2024

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