New UV industrial laser modules provide a compact and robust solution

06-09-2022 | ProPhotonix | Subs & Systems

ProPhotonix Limited has extended its range of industrial laser modules to include new UV lasers at 375nm. It has access to the latest in laser diode technology and developed these reliable and durable UV lasers to address various OEM applications as a laser diode distributor and a laser module manufacturer.

The high-performance UV industrial lasers are rugged and reliable. They offer power levels up to 30mW and provide excellent bore-sighting (<0.25 degrees off-axis). With a diameter of only 19mm, these compact and robust lasers are provided with a variety of optics to suit an application needs. Spot and line lasers are offered, with fixed focus and adjustable focus options.

The UV industrial lasers can provide high performance in applications from UV curing to analytical applications. In UV curing applications, 375nm lasers can precisely cure small areas. This precision curing is excellent when areas or components around the target area are susceptible to damage from UV radiation. UV laser diode modules can provide higher speed and higher definition in 3D printing applications. These applications have typically employed 405nm lasers until now.

In analytical applications such as spectroscopy (including fluorescence spectroscopy) and particle detection, UV radiation enables the accurate measurement of smaller particles, such as the potentially damaging pollutants from vehicle exhaust emissions.

The laser is offered in various standard configurations and can also be customised to address specific application needs. With over two decades of experience in laser module design and an ISO-certified manufacturing facility, the company can help maximise a user's system performance.

By Seb Springall