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Electropages is your go-to source for the latest advancements from ROHM Semiconductor, a key player in the global electronics industry. Founded in 1958 in Kyoto, Japan, ROHM Semiconductor (formerly known as Toyo Electronics Industry Corporation) has evolved from its initial focus on resistors to become a leader in semiconductor manufacturing. Today, ROHM is renowned for its diverse range of products including LSIs, discrete semiconductors, optoelectronics, passive components, and LED lighting. With a strong commitment to innovation, ROHM Semiconductor has consistently been among the top semiconductor companies worldwide. The company's expansion into international markets is marked by its significant presence in Asia, Europe, Japan, and the Americas. Stay updated with Electropages for the latest news and insights into ROHM Semiconductor's cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the semiconductor sector.

New 2-in-1 SiC MOSFET moulded module significantly reduces the size of xEV inverters

ROHM has developed four models as part of the TRCDRIVE pack series with 2-in-1 SiC moulded modules (two 750V-rated: BSTxxxD08P4A1x4, two 1,200V-rated: BSTxxxD12P4A1x1) optimised fo

Power | 17-06-2024

New shunt resistors contribute to greater miniaturisation

ROHM has added three new products featuring a rated power of 5W in resistance values of 0.5mOh, 1.0mOhm, and 1.5mOhm to the 2512-size (0.25" × 0.12")/6432-size (6.4mm × 3.2mm) PMR1

Passives | 10-06-2024

Companies develop a reference design using PMICs and SerDes ICs for SoC

ROHM and Nanjing SemiDrive Technology Ltd have jointly developed a smart cockpit reference design. The design is mainly based on SemiDrive's X9M and X9E automotive SoCs and include

Test & Measurement | 31-05-2024

Empowering growth and inspiring innovation with highly efficient EcoGaN and SiC power solutions

ROHM will present its new power semiconductor solutions, with a special focus on wide bandgap devices, at this year's PCIM Europe. Its SiC, Si and GaN portfolio is designed to fulf

Power | 24-05-2024

New compact energy-saving DC-DC converter ICs for consumer and industrial equipment

ROHM has created four new compact DC-DC step-down converter ICs ideal for consumer and industrial applications, including refrigerators, washing machines, PLCs, and inverters. The

Power | 03-05-2024

New op-amp improves power savings in consumer and industrial equipment

ROHM has developed a linear operational amplifier (op-amp) – LMR1901YG-M – featuring the lowest current consumption in the industry. This makes it ideal for amplifying sensor signa

Power | 12-04-2024

Automotive primary LDO achieve industry-leading load response characteristics

ROHM has developed 45V rated 500mA output primary LDO regulators, BD9xxM5-C (BD933M5EFJ-C/BD950M5EFJ-C/BD900M5EFJ-C/BD933M5WEFJ-C/BD950M5WEFJ-C/BD900M5WEFJ-C). These devices are su

Power | 21-03-2024

New GaN device contributes to greater application performance and reliability

ROHM has announced the adoption of its 650V GaN device (EcoGaN) in the C4 Duo, a 45W output USB-C charger from Innergie, a brand of Delta. ROHM's EcoGaN device contributes to great

Semiconductors | 01-03-2024

SBD achieves class-leading trr by adopting a trench MOS structure

ROHM has developed 100V breakdown SBDs that deliver industry-leading trr for power supply and protection circuits in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications. Although man

Semiconductors | 20-02-2024

New zero-drift op amp offers high accuracy regardless of temperature changes

ROHM has developed a zero-drift op amp – the LMR1002F-LB. It is created for industrial and consumer electronics devices and minimises input offset voltage and input offset voltage

Power | 14-02-2024

Compact MOSFETs for lighting power supplies, pumps and motors

ROHM has added a lineup of compact 600V Super Junction MOSFETs – the R6004END4, R6003KND4, R6006KND4, R6002JND4, and R6003JND4. These devices are excellent for small lighting power

Power | 01-02-2024

First speech synthesis ICs dedicated for AVAS in xEVs

The ROHM group company LAPIS Technology has developed the industry's first speech synthesis ICs – the ML22120xx series (ML22120TB, ML22120GP) – designed for AVAS in xEVs. To achiev

Semiconductors | 19-01-2024

Adding SiC and IGBTs creates industry’s largest library of LTspice models

ROHM has expanded the library of SPICE model lineup for LTspice of its circuit simulator. LTspice is supplied with circuit diagram capture and waveform viewer functions that enable

Test & Measurement | 12-12-2023

New high power laser diode for LiDAR

ROHM has created a high-power laser diode – the RLD90QZW8. It is excellent for industrial equipment and consumer applications needing distance measurement and spatial recognition.

Semiconductors | 01-12-2023