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Advance precision timing with an integrated clock chip for AI datacentres

SiTime Corporation has introduced its Chorus family of clock generators for AI datacentre applications. This new MEMS-based clock-system-on-a-chip (ClkSoC) family provides 10X higher performance in half the size, compared to standalone osci

SiTime Corporation | 20-05-2024

First company to validate and ship critical memory for AI data centres

Micron Technology, Inc. leads the industry by validating and shipping its high-capacity monolithic 32Gb DRAM die-based 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory at speeds up to 5,600MT/s on all leading server platforms. Powered by the company's industry-lead

Micron | 14-05-2024

Power MOSFETs with high-speed body diode improve efficiency of power supplies

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has launched a new range of 650V N-channel power MOSFETs. The TK042N65Z5 and TK095N65Z5 in TO-247 package are the first high-speed diode (HSD) type products in the latest generation DTMOS VI series. This gene

Toshiba | 18-04-2024

High-density power modules enable benchmark performance and TCO for AI data centres

Infineon Technologies AG has launched its TDM2254xD series dual-phase power modules, enabling best-in-class power density, quality and TCO for AI data centres. The series products blend innovation in robust OptiMOS MOSFET technology with no

Infineon | 29-02-2024

MQTT protocol sets new standard for connectivity and security

The Secure Integration Server (SIS) from Softing Industrial now supports the MQTT protocol. This improves connectivity and security for data integration in IT/OT cloud applications. MQTT delivers enhanced security and connectivity features

Softing | 21-02-2024

Enhanced measurement solution provides support for OpenZR+

Anritsu Corporation introduces the 400G (QSFP-DD) multi-rate module MU104014B that supports the new interface standard OpenZR+ as a module of the Network Master Pro MT1040A. OpenZR+ facilitates low-cost DCI and metro network construction.

Anritsu | 09-02-2024

High-bandwidth current sensor technologies enable high-performance power conversion

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has launched its new high-bandwidth current sensors, the ACS37030 and the ACS37032, which facilitate high-performance power conversion with GaN and SiC technologies in EVs, clean energy solutions and data centre a

Allegro | 09-02-2024

Hot-swap controller provides wide voltage range for AI and GPU accelerator cards

Mouser now stocks the Infineon Technologies XDP710 Hot-Swap Controller. The controller provides a 5.5V to 80V input voltage range with transient ratings of up to 100V for 500ms. It comprises three functional blocks: a high-precision tele

Mouser Electronics | 03-01-2024

Synchronous buck regulator family has fast COT architecture for DC-DC POL applications

Modern power systems need highly efficient and compact regulators. Infineon Technologies AG fulfils this challenge with the TDA388xx family, aimed at the server, AI, datacom, telecom, and storage markets. The 12A and 20A synchronous buck re

Infineon | 14-12-2023

Security IC focuses on larger key sizes and enhanced cybersecurity needs

Microchip Technology has launched its latest TrustAnchor Security IC, the TA101, which can accommodate complex automotive and embedded security use cases. The device supports large key sizes up to ECC P521, SHA512, RSA-4K and AES256 with gr

Microchip Technology | 24-11-2023

Fibre optic adapters and connectors improve rack efficiency

L-com has released four new lines of fibre optic connectors and adapters with features that will take a user's fibre installation to the next level of performance. The new additions to the company's growing fibre optic inventory comprise

L-com | 20-11-2023

Exceptional robustness and high-reliability SiC Schottky diode

Rutronik's diode range is now extended by the third-generation 650V SiC diodes in MPS design and 4A-40A from Vishay. They score with exceptional resistance to current surges and better efficiency due to lower forward voltage and low capacit

Rutronik | 16-11-2023

New lineup of low ON resistance 100V dual MOSFETs

ROHM has developed dual MOSFETs that combine two 100V chips in a single package – ideal for fan motor drives applied in communication base stations and industrial equipment. New five models have been added as part of the HP8KEx/HT8KEx (Nch+

ROHM Semiconductor | 26-10-2023

Connector system is first OCP-compliant and all-in-one boot-drive connectivity solution

Molex has expanded its array of solutions recommended by the OCP by introducing the KickStart Connector System. An innovative, all-in-one system, it is the first OCP-compliant solution that integrates low-speed and high-speed signals and po

Molex | 25-10-2023

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