Visible LED line lights offer superior illumination for colour inspection applications

ProPhotonix Limited has announced the addition of a new standard configuration to its innovative COBRA HyperSpec LED line light product range – visible hyperspectral LED lights. Bu

Industrial | 10-01-2024

New RGB-SWIR LED line lights now available

ProPhotonix Limited has added a new standard configuration to its innovative COBRA MultiSpec LED line light product range – RGB-SWIR multispectral LED lights. Including five differ

Industrial | 11-09-2023

New digital laser is packed with functionality in a small form factor

ProPhotonix Limited has launched its new Digital Compact Laser. At only 8mm in diameter, this laser provides digital control and monitoring in an extremely compact package perfect

Test & Measurement | 28-04-2023

New UV industrial laser modules provide a compact and robust solution

ProPhotonix Limited has extended its range of industrial laser modules to include new UV lasers at 375nm. It has access to the latest in laser diode technology and developed these

Subs & Systems | 06-09-2022

New UV laser modules configurable to a wide range of applicationsNew UV laser modules configurable to a wide range of applications

ProPhotonix Limited has added a new 375nm laser to its Photon laser modules range. As a laser diode distributor and laser module manufacturer, it delivers the latest laser diode te

Lighting Technologies | 01-02-2022

Configurable LED illumination solution for hyperspectral SWIR applications

ProPhotonix Limited has released its COBRA HyperSpec SWIR line light. This tunable SWIR line light provides for high-resolution, reliable imaging. It is fully customisable and can

Lighting Technologies | 08-11-2021

New hyperspectral light source offers excellent spatial and spectral uniformity

ProPhotonix Limited has added a new hyperspectral LED line light to its COBRA MultiSpec platform. With a spectral range from 400-1000nm and superior spatial and spectral uniformity

New Technologies | 28-01-2021

Extended digital laser module range offers five new wavelengths

ProPhotonix has announced the extension of its range of PROdigii digital laser modules with five new wavelengths covering 375nm, 405nm, 450nm, 905nm and 940nm. With these further w

Subs & Systems | 07-09-2020

New 10mW green laser diode features output power of 10mW at 515-530nm

ProPhotonix has announced an extension to its range of green laser diodes with the Osram PLT5 510. The PLT5 510 has an output power of 10mW at 515-530nm, and is offered in a compa

Products | 15-01-2016

latest laser diodes target direct imaging applications

Two new Ushio Opto Semiconductors visible laser diodes the HL40033G and HL63253MG are now available from ProPhotonix. The HL40033G offers high optical output power (100mW) at a

Products | 12-02-2015