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ESD protection range with innovative solutions extended

Mouser has expanded its portfolio of ESD protection components. With the constant advancement and miniaturisation of electronic devices, ensuring effective ESD protection has becom

Power | 24-07-2024

Security solution for IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the new OPTIGA Trust M MTR from Infineon Technologies. The OPTIGA Trust M MTR is a discrete security solution that works with any MCU or SoC and features secured

Semiconductors | 23-07-2024

Multiport vehicle antennas enable multiband connectivity for transportation

Mouser now stocks the Gar Multiport Vehicle Antennas with QMA Connectors from TE Connectivity. TE Connectivity's Gar Multiport Vehicle Antennas with QMA Connectors feature multiban

Passives | 22-07-2024

Multiprotocol modules deliver efficient wireless connectivity

Mouser now stocks the NORA-W30 multiprotocol modules from u-blox. These modules support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity in a single, compact unit. They are used in a range of appl

Semiconductors | 19-07-2024

New product kit for IoT and edge communication applications

Mouser now stocks Microchip Technology's PolarFire SoC Discovery Kit. The kit is optimised for rapid development of embedded systems for industrial automation, edge communications,

Test & Measurement | 18-07-2024

World's smallest MEMS accelerometers offer big performance

Mouser now stocks the new BMA530 and BMA580 accelerometers from Bosch. The devices are the world's smallest acceleration sensors for space-constrained applications like wearables a

Test & Measurement | 17-07-2024

Low-power precision sensor interface SoC for pressure sensor applications

Mouser now stocks Analogue Devices, Inc.'s MAX40109 low-power precision sensor interface SoC. The SoC integrates a high-precision, programmable AFE, ADC, calibration memory, and di

Semiconductors | 16-07-2024

Biosensor for smart devices and wearables

Mouser now offers the ST1VAFE6AX biosensor from STMicroelectronics. The device supplies design engineers with next-generation biopotential signal detection and motion tracking for

Semiconductors | 15-07-2024

SATA SSDs bring 3D TLC NAND technology to harsh industrial applications

Mouser now stocks Kingston's OTM8S1S3 industrial temperature M.2 2280 SATA SSDs. These industrial-temperature M.2 2280 SATA SSDs are designed and approved for dependable operation

Industrial | 12-07-2024

Four-lane video switch enables next-gen commercial displays and more

Mouser now stocks the PI3WVR41310 13.5Gbps high-speed video switch from Diodes Incorporated. The device is a multi-standard 4-lane 3:1 multiplexer/1:3 demultiplexer video switch wi

Semiconductors | 11-07-2024

Next-generation open-source AIoT kit

Mouser now stocks the ESP32-S3-BOX-3, Espressif Systems' next-generation open-source AIoT kit. This AI development kit is excellent for developers who prototype and transform exist

Test & Measurement | 10-07-2024

MCUs deliver secure connectivity for device designers

Mouser now stocks Microchip Technology's PIC32CK 32-bit MCUs. This new family of mid-range MCUs delivers a cost-effective way for developers to design applications that meet strict

Semiconductors | 08-07-2024

Connecting engineers to the future of EV/HEV technology

Mouser explores the latest developments, advancements and challenges in EV and HEV technology through its extensive EV/HEV resource hub. Staying ahead in this fast-evolving industr

Semiconductors | 05-07-2024

New MOSFETs for energy conversion applications

Mouser now ships the CoolSiC G2 MOSFETs from Infineon Technologies. The series is the next generation of SiC technology, opening a new chapter in power systems and energy conversio

Power | 03-07-2024