New series programmable DC power supply are scalable to 10MW

Magna-Power Electronics has released its new 500kW and 1MW ML Series water-cooled programmable DC power supply. The series builds on decades of high-power innovation, combining the company’s signature robust current-fed power processing top

Magna Power | 19-07-2024

Accelerating silicon carbide innovation to power the transition to electrification

onsemi has introduced its latest generation silicon carbide technology platform, EliteSiC M3e MOSFETs. The company also disclosed plans to release multiple additional generations through 2030. “The future of electrification is dependent

onsemi | 19-07-2024

Magnetic packaging technology for power modules cuts power solution size in half

Texas Instruments has introduced six new power modules developed to improve power density, improve efficiency and lower EMI. These power modules leverage the company’s proprietary MagPack integrated magnetic packaging technology, shrinking

Texas Instruments | 18-07-2024

Ruggedised buck DC-DC converters offer conduction cooling with range of inputs and outputs

TDK Corporation has introduced the 400W to 750W rated RGB series of ruggedised non-isolated DC-DC converters from TDK-Lambda. Operating from input voltages of 9V to 18V, 18V to 32V or 18V to 60V, these buck step-down converters can deliver

TDK | 18-07-2024

Advanced UPS battery backup delivers superior power protection

Goldenmate has launched its 1000VA/800W UPS Battery Backup System. This state-of-the-art UPS system sets a new standard in power protection, delivering unparalleled performance and durability for a wide range of applications, from personal

Goldenmate | 17-07-2024

Miniature AC/DCs hold comprehensive certifications for worldwide usage

RECOM have added a new AC/DC range to their portfolio. The RACM15E-K series is rated up to 15W output for 80-275VAC input and is offered in two mechanical formats: the open-frame /OF version with 'MolexTM' connectors, sized 3.1" x 0.9" x 0.

RECOM Power | 17-07-2024

High-power PCB relay delivers faster and more compact EV charger wallboxes

Omron Electronic Components Europe has launched a new high-power PCB relay for use in AC wallboxes for Mode 3 AC EV charging stations. The G9KC relay provides the lowest contact resistance available on the market and produces notably less l

Omron | 16-07-2024

Ultra- and hyperfast recovery rectifiers offer high efficiency and reliability

Nexperia has released 650V ultra- and hyperfast recovery rectifiers in D2PAK Real-2-Pin (R2P) packaging for use in various automotive, industrial and consumer applications including charging adapters, PV, inverters, servers and SMPS. Com

Nexperia | 15-07-2024

Four-channel ECBs deliver enhanced system robustness and cost savings

PULS has launched its new series of PISA-M four-channel ECBs. These devices are the ideal safety and power distribution tool for applications requiring 90W to 480W. The new ECBs manage the current distribution on the secondary (load) sid

PULS Power | 12-07-2024

Programmable power supplies in 90kW rated GSPS 20U 19" racking cabinets

TDK Corporation has introduced its 90kW-rated GSPS 20U 19" racking cabinets to the TDK-Lambda GENESYS+ series of programmable DC power supplies. The GSPS systems seamlessly transition across constant voltage, constant current and constant p

TDK | 12-07-2024

Industry's first analog-digital fusion control power supply solution

ROHM has launched LogiCoA, a power supply solution for small to medium-power industrial and consumer equipment (30W to 1kW class). It delivers the same functionality as fully digital control power supplies at low power consumption and cost

ROHM Semiconductor | 11-07-2024

Zero-downtime power supply series is based on pioneering steering and control architecture

With its new CPS-i series, CAMTEC Power Supplies sets new standards for highly robust, space-saving, precise, and cost-efficient power supplies for uninterrupted industrial and infrastructural processes. The CPS series is based on a pioneer

Camtec Power Supplies | 11-07-2024

Power management component optimised for embedded system integration

As a standout in power management components, the LT8645SEV#PBF, available from WIN SOURCE, distinguishes itself in embedded system applications with its outstanding multifunctionality and high integration. Designed by Analog Devices, this

WIN SOURCE | 10-07-2024

Reinforced isolation for integrated current sensors

Melexis has announced new safety qualification (UL/IEC 62368-1) for the MLX91220 (5V) and MLX91221 (3V) current sensors. They can now be used in systems with higher voltage isolation requirements for SOIC8 (715V BI, 307V RI) and SOIC16 (141

Melexis | 10-07-2024

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