Low-power cryogenic memory technology could dramatically cut data centre power usage

SureCore has developed technology that has allowed it to design memory solutions for quantum computing applications that can operate down to 4K. This technology is equally applicable to 77K operation. As server chips and AI processors combi

SureCore | 11-06-2024

Versatile RF signal generators suit quantum applications

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced Rigol DSG5000 Series RF Microwave Generators, which can generate high-quality RF signals up to 20GHz with amplitude, frequency, phase, and pulse modulation capabilities. These generators are available wit

Saelig | 30-05-2024

Non-magnetic connectors developed for specialised applications

Amphenol RF has expanded its microminiature SMP product series to incorporate non-magnetic connector and adapter options. These configurations are fabricated with non-ferrous materials and plating to deliver high-performing RF interconnects

Amphenol | 25-01-2023

Advanced R&D flip-chip bonder launched for multiple markets

SET Corporation has officially launched the FC150 PLATINUM for the automotive, defence, telecom, quantum, HPC, AI, and VR markets. This new equipment is the latest version of the bonder, which can be seen in laboratories all over the world.

SET | 22-11-2022

Collaboration on quantum computing technologies enables future innovations

NXP Semiconductors is collaborating with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and other partners on ion trap-based quantum computers as part of the DLR’s Quantum Computing Initiative. The initiative aims to construct quantum computers to help

NXP | 01-11-2022

Companies join forces to develop leading trapped ion quantum processors

Infineon Technologies AG and Oxford Ionics are collaborating to build high-performance and fully integrated quantum processing units (QPUs). The combination of Oxford Ionics’ unique electronic qubit control (EQC) technology with Infineon’s

Infineon | 12-07-2022

Expanded commitment to quantum computing and six new research projects

Infineon Technologies strengthens its commitment to developing quantum computing technologies in Germany and Europe. As well as previously established initiatives and partnerships the chip manufacturer is taking part in six further research

Infineon | 17-02-2022

Distribution agreement offers high-quality RF connector solutions

Intelliconnect/CryoCoax announced it is a franchised stocking distributor by XMA Corporation-Omni Spectra, focusing on cryogenic connectivity products and standard attenuators and high-frequency microwave components. This new development

Intelliconnect | 02-11-2021

Supporting continuing growth in quantum computing

CryoCoax, the UK/USA-based division of Intelliconnect, has joined other technology specialists in sponsoring the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative (QTI). The programme will examine the potential of devices harnessing perplexing quantum phe

CryoCoax | 13-04-2021

LEDs with high-efficiency quantum dot technology now available

Mouser now offers Osconiq S 3030 QD LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors. Utilising Quantum Dot (QD) tunable light conversion technology, these mid-power LEDs are intended for area lighting and downlight applications that profit from high ef

Mouser Electronics | 07-08-2019

Full-colour microLED pixels shrunk by 87% using quantum dots

Plessey Semiconductors and Nanoco Technologies has partnered to shrink the pixel size of monolithic microLED displays using Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dot (CFQD quantum dots) semiconductor nanoparticle technology. Using its current monol

Plessey | 08-01-2019

Terminal block ideal for applications where space is at a premium

Available from RS Components, the PhoenixPCB terminal block offers a nominal current of 13.5A, with a voltage of 320V, and pitch of 5mm, with eight positions. The device's connection method is through push-in spring connection. It features

RS Components | 05-06-2018

Enhanced Quantum rubidium miniature atomic clock for tough environments

Latest from Microsemi is the enhanced Quantum rubidium miniature atomic clock (MAC) SA.3X family. One of the industry’s smallest, lightest and highest-performing MACs, the enhanced Quantum MAC SA.3X family is based on proprietary coherent p

MicroSemi | 16-04-2015

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