Impulse Embedded

Marine devices powered by Tiger and Elkhart Lake processors

Marine environments demand durability to withstand some of the most extreme conditions that naval workstations and vessels may face, including extreme temperatures, high humidity l

Test & Measurement | 23-04-2024

Bespoke rack PCs designed to meet the demands of industrial environments

Impulse Embedded's senior production technician, Andy Shaw, recently built a VELA Rack PC designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments. The company's workshop t

Industrial | 26-01-2024

Box PC combines a robustly designed device with a quiet and powerful performance

The AIE-PX11/12/21/22 series, a range of fanless Edge AI box PCs from Aetina, is obtainable from Impulse Embedded. Fanless embedded box PCs are characterised by the absence of a co

Industrial | 11-10-2023

Cutting-edge AI inference PC for intelligent processing

The Nuvo-9166GC, a new model of rugged AI inference PC from Neousys, is now supplied by Impulse Embedded. Within the context of AI, inference is the process of employing a trained

Industrial | 11-09-2023

Future-proof networks with industrial Ethernet switches

Impulse Embedded offer Moxa's EDS-2000 and EDS-4000 Industrial Ethernet Switches, providing systems integrators with networking tools that are pivotal in connecting multiple device

Test & Measurement | 23-08-2023

Company provides NUC business continuity

Impulse Embedded has assured its customers that Intel, who recently announced that they would be exiting the business of complete PC systems, including NUC mini-PCs and kits, is no

Test & Measurement | 31-07-2023

Rugged in-vehicle computing workstation for railway and aiot applications

Impulse Embedded has introduced the IVX-1000 from Vecow, an updated, in-vehicle computing workstation powered by the latest Intel 13th Gen Core i9, i7, i5, and i3 processors. The i

Automotive & Transport | 07-07-2023

Latest AI-enabling frame grabber cards are available now

Impulse Embedded has introduced the latest in AI-enabled frame grabbers from Neousys Technology. Two cards, the PCIe-NX156U3 and the PCIe-NX154PoE, are powered by the NVIDIA Jetson

Industrial | 29-06-2023

New powerful industrial Edge AI platform with extensive I/O capabilities

Impulse Embedded offers the new Nuvo-10208GC as the latest member of the industrial Edge GPU family of computers from Neousys. These specially designed systems can support up to tw

Automotive & Transport | 16-06-2023

Industrial panel PC features full HD 1080 projected capacitive touchscreen

Impulse Embedded offers the new fanless multi-touch panel PC range from Axiomtek. These industrial quality devices provide the Intel Elkhart Lake Celeron J6412 processor, a 10W qua

Industrial | 27-04-2023

Edge AI module for deep learning and neural network processing

Impulse Embedded has announced the availability of the AI-MXM-H84A from Aetina. The device is an MXM Embedded Graphics Accelerator for AI processing to assist the development of De

Industrial | 14-04-2023

Remote GPU system benchmarking for edge AI projects

Impulse Embedded now allows customers to test their code on a GPU computing system before purchasing project hardware and deploying AI project at the edge. The Remote Benchmarking

Test & Measurement | 14-03-2023

Feature-rich embedded PC excels in AI inference at the edge

The ASRock IEPF-9010S-EY4 high-performance GPU AI system, available now from Impulse Embedded, offers a rich selection of I/O and storage options. Providing the Intel R680E chipset

Industrial | 17-02-2023

Suite of products and services aimed at providing OT network visibility

Impulse Embedded now to offers customers the security benefits offered by Cisco Cyber Vision. The solution is a suite of products and services aimed at supplying OT network visibil

Industrial | 07-02-2023