Small antenna adds a significant extension to UWB product range

Visitors to the AntennaWare Stand at the upcoming Hardware Pioneers Max will experience the smallest BodyWave antenna the company has developed. Recently launched as part of a notable expansion of the company’s offerings in the UWB frequ

AntennaWare | 21-05-2024

Innovative new range of UWB antenna to launch at Embedded World 24

Experience three new BodyWave antennas announced by AntennaWare at Embedded World 24, strengthening the company's offering in the UWB frequency. As the first commercially available antenna particularly designed to mitigate the unique rel

AntennaWare | 14-03-2024

Empowering engineers with comprehensive wearables resource centre

Mouser supplies designers and engineers with up-to-date and trusted resources through its comprehensive wearables resource centre. From smartwatches and fitness trackers to the world of AR and VR headsets, the company delves into many topic

Mouser Electronics | 21-02-2024

Solution launched to run ultra-low power machine learning models on a six-axis IMU

TDK Corporation now offers the InvenSense SmartEdgeML, an advanced edge ML solution allowing new possibilities for wearables, hearables, AR glasses, IoT, and other products that benefit from ML at the sensor chip level. The solution is the

TDK | 16-01-2024

Cutting edge smart connected sensors platform for full-body motion tracking

Unlimited access to a personal feedback coach is the vision of many fitness and gaming enthusiasts. With the new Smart Connected Sensors platform, Bosch Sensortec ensures that movements and repetitions are not just measured but that users o

Bosch Sensortec | 11-01-2024

Multi-colour LEDs for vital sign monitoring

Mouser now stocks the ams OSRAM SFH 7018x Multiled for Vital Sign Monitoring. These multi-colour LEDs created for Vital Sign Monitoring provide a highly reflective QFN package for greatly increased light output. These three-in-one, high-

Mouser Electronics | 10-01-2024

Load switch ICs series with ultra-low power consumption extends battery lifetime

Littelfuse, Inc. offers its latest release of five versatile load switch devices in the Protection ICs product line. These new Load Switch ICs are ultra-efficient, 2A and 4A-rated load switches with integrated TRCB and slew rate control.

Littelfuse | 21-12-2023

New supercapacitors delivering high reliability available now

KYOCERA AVX has expanded its PrizmaCap line of rugged, high-capacitance, and high-reliability supercapacitors with two new Gen II series. The new supercapacitors EDLCs supply higher capacitance, voltage, and energy density than Gen I Pri

Kyocera AVX | 15-11-2023

MEMS sensors extended with new IMU AHRS and accelerometer solutions

Mouser has expanded its range of motion and positioning MEMS solutions. The continued expansion of technology and its closer integration into everyday life has amplified the importance of a device's ability to perceive its surroundings. Con

Mouser Electronics | 12-10-2023

Accelerating on-device and edge AI performance and efficiency

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. has released its next-generation AI IP and software tools to manage the growing demand for on-device and edge AI processing. The new highly scalable Cadence Neo NPUs supply a wide range of AI performance in a lo

Cadence | 27-09-2023

New I2C controlled single-cell battery charger features 2x LDOs

Halo Microelectronics has launched its 3A I2C-controlled single-cell battery charger with two LDOs. The HL7095 is an advanced I2C interface switch-mode Li-ion battery charger providing power FETs, power-path management, and a reverse boo

Halo Microelectronics | 08-09-2023

Unipolar Hall switches save board space in battery-powered applications

Diodes Incorporated offers two new portfolios of monolithic, unipolar Hall-effect switches developed for proximity sensing in battery-powered applications. With an ultra-low 1.1µA supply current at 1.85V and 1.6µA at 1.6V to 5.5V, these dev

Diodes Inc | 04-09-2023

Compact stamped metal antennas in a wide variety of frequencies

L-com has released a new line of stamped metal antennas. These AP/router-embedded antennas deliver performance, ultra-compactness and ruggedness. The new omnidirectional stamped metal antennas supply uniform coverage in all directions wi

L-com | 16-08-2023

Thermally conductive and electrically insulative epoxy for medical devices

Master Bond EP40TCMed is a two-part, room-temperature curing epoxy system that meets the requirements of ISO 10993-5 for non-cytotoxicity. It is thermally conductive, electrically non-conductive and can be used as an adhesive or sealant in

Masterbond | 15-08-2023

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