Energy harvesting wireless connectivity module enables batteryless solutions

07-09-2022 | Telink | Subs & Systems

Telink and Nowi have reinforced their current partnership by launching an Energy Autonomous Wireless Connectivity Module. This new product provides extra energy harvesting use-cases by reducing BOM size, cost and complexity.

Telink's new product -TLSR8273-M-EH- combines its top-of-the-line multi-protocol connectivity SoC with Nowi's energy harvesting PMIC. This new module offers a complete solution by delivering low-power wireless connectivity, energy autonomy, and power management.

The BOM is notably lowered thanks to the compact size and unique design of Nowi chipsets. With a minimum requirement for external components (no inductors required) and their integration of energy harvesting and power management features, the assembly size is greatly decreased, making for a more cost-effective and smaller module.

Integrating many features, including connectivity, energy harvesting, power management and USB charging, into one complete solution, only one module is required instead of several chips, making for simpler purchasing and supply chain processes.

By removing the requirement for battery swaps, the module facilitates the creation of hassle-free products. This solution meets the demands of TV ODMs and OEMs, who cater to the new generation of environmentally conscious consumers.

This module makes batteryless operations possible for many IoT applications with combined wireless connectivity and energy harvesting on a compact footprint. Furthermore, this module is compatible with Telink's SDKs, making it simpler for customers to upgrade their products with minimum effort.

By Seb Springall