Pre-built gain horn antennas are improved with coax adapters in cage-style mounts

Fairview Microwave has launched its in-house, pre-built gain horn antennas. These new offerings improve the company's standard gain horns by adding coaxial adapters and an innovative cage-style mount. The upgrades simplify mounting and impr

Fairview Microwave | 14-06-2024

Automotive-grade chip inductor series is a space-saving solution for power over coax circuits

Bourns, Inc. has introduced its Model CWP3230A Series chip inductors. These AEC-Q200-compliant automotive-grade inductors provide high current, inductance, and impedance in a compact form factor. The new series’ high impedance and current c

Bourns | 14-06-2024

Advanced RF fixed attenuators and terminations achieve precise signal modulation

Pasternack now offers its latest series of RF fixed attenuators and terminations, crafted to accommodate applications up to 18GHz. This new product line is designed with the highest precision, providing maximum power ratings of 2W, 10W a

Pasternack | 13-06-2024

Second-gen automotive grade inductor with integrated EMI shield in 4040 case size

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has expanded its IHLE series of low-profile, high-current inductors featuring integrated E-field shields with a new second-generation Automotive Grade device in the 10mm x 10mm 4040 case size. Providing an impro

Vishay | 13-06-2024

Latest resistor family offers powerful current measurement in the smallest of spaces

Isabellenhütte will exhibit its latest WAx resistor family at the PCIM. The family's resistance values are achievable in small sizes from 1mOhm to 0.5mOhm. With the latest resistor series, the company is closing a gap in its portfolio fo

Isabellenhutte | 11-06-2024

New shunt resistors contribute to greater miniaturisation

ROHM has added three new products featuring a rated power of 5W in resistance values of 0.5mOh, 1.0mOhm, and 1.5mOhm to the 2512-size (0.25" × 0.12")/6432-size (6.4mm × 3.2mm) PMR100 series of standard type metal plate shunt resistors devel

ROHM Semiconductor | 10-06-2024

New range of load dump varistors for automotive applications

Kyocera AVX offers a new range of load dump varistors as an extension of its trusted TransGuard Automotive Series. This series of varistors are innovative, zinc-oxide-based ceramic semiconductor devices that deliver bidirectional overvol

Kyocera AVX | 07-06-2024

Pick-and-place friendly SMD lead bending option for axial-leaded wirewound resistors

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has announced that 5W devices in its AC and AC-AT series of cemented, axial-leaded wirewound resistors are now offered with a pick-and-place friendly SMD lead bending option, the WSZ lead form, that permits the

Vishay | 07-06-2024

Signals are easy to optimise with new omnidirectional antennas

L-com has introduced a new line of gooseneck omni antennas that offer a wide range of frequencies and radiation patterns. They are designed for use with unmanned vehicles (drones), video transmission, walkie-talkie communication, manpack ra

L-com | 07-06-2024

New mmWave horn antennas deliver precision in test and measurement

Pasternack has launched its new series of mmWave horn antennas. They were developed to meet the evolving requirements of test and measurement applications in the fast-paced tech industry. The new line includes various waveguide probe ant

Pasternack | 06-06-2024

10-in-1 antenna for next-generation routers and gateways

Mouser now stocks the MA8010 10-in-1 antenna from Taoglas. The device is a GNSS, Wi-Fi, and 5G/4G combination antenna designed for use with next-generation routers and gateways. It is ideal for emergency and first responder vehicles, EV cha

Mouser Electronics | 05-06-2024

Automotive-grade high voltage thin film chip resistors offer low VCR

High-voltage applications often need high-voltage resistors with high accuracy for voltage division, monitoring, and control. Resistance stability over voltage, or VCR, may become an issue for precision applications. Stackpole Electronic

Stackpole | 04-06-2024

New metallised polypropylene film capacitors are available now

The MKP385e series from Vishay complements Rutronik's capacitor portfolio for demanding applications. The metallised polypropylene film capacitors are created for a particularly long service life under harsh conditions. They offer capacitan

Rutronik | 03-06-2024

High-performance capacitors for the automotive sector

With the new, extremely powerful YT series from SAMWHA Electric, Rutronik is supplying high-quality polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The special combination of conductive polymer and liquid electrolyte combines the advantag

Rutronik | 24-05-2024

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