Free webinar on the future of smart home security

Mouser has partnered with Infineon Technologies to offer the engineering community a new webinar, 'Secured Smart Access: Building the Future of Smart Homes'. The free webinar will take place on June 18th, 2024, at 17:00 CET. As our homes

Mouser Electronics | 29-05-2024

Easily include embedded security using MCU with hardware security module

New legislation taking effect in 2024, mandates stricter conditions on cybersecurity on everything from consumer IoT devices to critical infrastructure. Fulfilling these new security compliance necessities from a product and supply chain pe

Microchip Technology | 10-05-2024

Companies collaborate to optimise the security of next-generation microcontrollers

The demand for high-performance hardware and robust cybersecurity solutions increases as the automotive industry transitions to software-defined vehicles and new E/E architectures. To meet this requirement, Infineon Technologies AG has inte

Infineon | 09-05-2024

Touchscreen controller family expanded with additional security features

The increased number of EVs on the road requires the necessary charging infrastructure to expand to meet the demand. Adding credit card payment options to EV chargers is becoming a standard practice in many countries – and is a mandate in t

Microchip Technology | 08-05-2024

MCUs for secure industrial and automotive applications

Mouser now offers Microchip Technology's PIC32CZ CA MCUs. These 32-bit high-performance MCUs provide a wide range of connectivity options, making them excellent for industrial gateways, graphics, or automotive applications. These MCUs fe

Mouser Electronics | 25-04-2024

Remote and electronic locking systems for enclosures and cabinets

EMKA UK's new Rack Management Systems are installed worldwide in data centres and server parks of banks and co-location centres where a combination of electromechanical handles, software and radio technology is considered the most suitable

Emka | 12-02-2024

5G routers support rapid data transfer for IIoT applications

Mouser now stocks the Siretta QUARTZ-GOLD-5G industrial routers. Created to transfer large amounts of data via the 5G NR cellular network, the routers are high-speed dual-port gigabit Ethernet industrial routers capable of reaching 2.4Gbps

Mouser Electronics | 18-01-2024

New double magnet speakers feature high sound output

CUI Devices' Audio Group has announced the addition of new double-magnet speaker models to its speaker portfolio. Obtainable in square frame sizes from 42.5mm to 48mm, the CDS speaker family's double neodymium magnet design provides sound p

CUI Devices | 28-12-2023

New standard of enhanced code security with family of MCUs

Microchip Technology has launched the PIC18-Q24 Family of MCUs. PIC18-Q24 MCUs provide the Programming and Debugging Interface Disable (PDID) feature to counter the threat of maliciously reprogramming a device in an embedded system. When en

Microchip Technology | 01-12-2023

Flasher commander secures firmware right up to the target

SEGGER has launched the STM32-SFI Flasher Commander, a free CLI tool developed to support STMicroelectronics's Secure Firmware Installation (SFI) feature. As part of the production process of SFI-enabled STM32 microcontrollers, the IP ow

Segger | 23-11-2023

Miniature flange mount sensors enable proximity-sensing applications

Mouser now stocks the 59143 miniature flange mount sensors from Littelfuse. These miniature flange mount sensors provide normally open contacts in a 23mm x 14mm x 6mm package. The devices deliver a non-contact switching solution for wet

Mouser Electronics | 08-11-2023

Flash programmer secures programming end-to-end

SEGGER's flash programmer for authenticated off-site production protects the firmware image at all stages of the provisioning process between IP owner and contract manufacturer. TELP secures the link from programmer to target and assures th

Segger | 01-11-2023

Developing an analog compute platform to accelerate edge AI/ML inferencing

Microchip Technology, through its Silicon Storage Technology subsidiary, is helping with the development of this platform by supplying an evaluation system for its SuperFlash memBrain neuromorphic memory solution. The solution is based on M

Microchip Technology | 21-09-2023

New active GPS timing antenna delivers high gain and low noise

PolyPhaser has released a new active GPS timing antenna. With high gain and low noise, this new timing antenna filters and amplifies GNSS L1, GLONASS G1, and BeiDou B1 global positioning signals received from satellite constellations. Preci

PolyPhaser | 18-09-2023

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