Privacy Policy

What happens to your data when you subscribe to the Electropages newsletter?
We store your data on our own servers and will send you emails relating to your individual requirements.
As a subscriber, you choose which newsletters you wish to receive.

What happens when I use the forms, where does my enquiry go?
When using our online forms to make an enquiry, your information is sent directly to the supplier you are interested in. Electropages always receives a duplicate copy so we can use that information to better service your product interests for future emails.

Will I receive third party emails?
Yes. From time to time, Electropages will use your email address to send relevant newsletters that we believe are of interest to you. If you do not want to receive third party newsletters, we always provide an option to unsubscribe from individual campaigns.

Who owns my Data
The answer to this is an obvious one – You do! – There is not one single company or organisation in the world that can own your data. We can use your data with your permission but that’s it. ALL email addresses are stored on Electropages’ own servers.