Liam Critchley

Liam Critchley is a science writer who specialises in how chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology interplay with advanced electronic systems. Liam works with media sites, companies, and trade associations around the world and has produced over 900 articles to date, covering a wide range of content types and scientific areas. Beyond his writing, Liam's subject matter knowledge and expertise in the nanotechnology space has meant that he has sat on a number of different advisory boards over the years – with current appointments being on the Matter Inc. and Nanotechnology World Association advisory boards. Liam was also a longstanding member of the advisory board for the National Graphene Association before it folded during the pandemic.

Thermoelectric Cooling for Microprocessor Hotspots Explained

As the performance demands of computing and other modern-day technologies become greater, the size of transistors in silicon chips has decreased in accordance with Moore's law. Th

Technical Analysis | 08-07-2024

Smart Contact Lenses: High-Precision Eye Tracking Solution

The rise of wearable flexible devices—driven by advancements in materials science, especially soft materials—has delivered a human-machine interface revolution. Materials can now

Technical Analysis | 17-06-2024

2D Membranes Become Efficient Osmotic Energy Harvesters

New renewable energy solutions are being sought to transition away from fossil fuels. While wind and solar are the most prominent solutions with the most maturation, many other so

Technical Analysis | 10-06-2024

QLEDs for Household AC: Efficient Lighting Solutions

Key Things to Know Challenges in LED Systems: Traditional LEDs face issues with energy losses and dependency on driver circuits, leading to increased costs and reduced lifesp

Technical Analysis | 03-06-2024

Triboelectric Fibres: Enhance Physiological Monitoring

Textile electronics that use fibres have emerged as a system for monitoring human health and tracking fitness activities. In fibre electronics systems, a network of body area sens

Technical Analysis | 16-05-2024

Machine Learning Predicts Osteoarthritis Risk Effectively

Key Things to Know: Global Impact: Approximately 528 million people worldwide are affected by osteoarthritis, with cases increasing due to aging populations and rising obesit

Technical Analysis | 15-05-2024

How TacticAI Masters AI Football Tactics Efficiently

Key Things to Know: Strategic Importance of AI in Football: AI is enhancing football tactics by enabling deeper analytical insights and predictions, particularly in managing

Insights | 07-05-2024

Advanced Anode-Electrolyte Theory for Ammonium Ion Batteries

Key Things to Know: Advancing AIB Technology: Ammonium Ion Batteries (AIBs) offer a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional batteries, using ammonium

Technical Analysis | 17-04-2024

3D Printing Custom Ocular Prostheses: New Tech Insights

Key Things to Know: Customisation is Key: Each ocular prosthetic must be individually tailored to fit the unique eye socket shape and appearance of the patient, enhancing bot

Technical Analysis | 16-04-2024