Webinar series for beginners and experts on adhesive bonding

12-09-2022 | DELO | Subs & Systems

DELO offers another series of webinars for beginners and experts on adhesive bonding. Topics will cover bonding technology basics and practical tips for recent developments in the industry, including screen printing and stencil printing of adhesives.

Adhesive bonding has become essential to industrial series production, particularly in multi-material joints. Adhesives are multi-functional and can perform optical functions or conduct electricity, allowing further miniaturisation of assemblies. With all these aspects in mind, sophisticated, individual adhesive solutions often need to be developed for various applications.

Experts from the DELO Academy will present a basic, user-friendly understanding of adhesive bonding during the webinars because the knowledge required in practice is often touched on briefly during engineering courses offered in universities.

Its upcoming webinars are formatted like TECH TALKS, a mixture of impulse lecture and dialogue with participants that further addresses more in-depth questions.

The next webinars are Six engineering tips to improve your UV curing process (September 20, 3 pm CET); Fast processes: bonding in seconds (September 27, 9 am CET); Surface pre-treatment (October 6, 5 pm CET); Dispensing 100 times faster: Screen and stencil printing of adhesives (October 27, 9 am CET); and Dispensing technology - Fast and precise application of adhesives (November 17, 9 am CET).

By Seb Springall