OKW Enclosures

Sealed enclosures for tough industrial electronics

Growth in Industry 4.0, IoT/IIoT and Smart Factory technology is set to increase demand for OKW’s robust SMART-BOX industrial electronic enclosures. SMART-BOX (IP 66) is also excel

Industrial | 15-07-2024

Sleek DIN rail enclosures for space optimisation

OKW has expanded its RAILTEC B range of DIN rail enclosures. There is now a new space-saving flat-profile version for individual electronic devices that do not need multiple termin

Industrial | 17-05-2024

More options for low-profile wall-mount enclosures

OKW’s stylish DIATEC plastic enclosures for wall-mount and table-top electronics are now offered in two standard colours: off-white (RAL 9002) and lava. These attractive enclosures

Industrial | 17-04-2024

Hand-terminal plastic enclosures now available in two versions

OKW’s Hand-Terminal industrial electronic enclosures are now offered in two versions, providing the choice of a closed or open top. These sealed plastic enclosures (IP 65 optional)

Industrial | 14-03-2024

OKW MOTEC Series: Ergonomic Desktop & Portable Enclosures

OKW's MOTEC desktop/portable electronic instrument enclosures offer a sloping front for more ergonomic viewing and operation, setting a new standard for professionals in measuremen

Industrial | 08-02-2024

OKW BODY-CASE: Wearable Plastic Enclosures for IoT & IIoT Applications

The surge in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and mobile electronics is driving the demand for OKW's BODY-CASE wearable plastic enclosures, renowned for their IP 65 protect

Industrial | 05-01-2024

OKW SMART-PANEL Enclosures: Elevating Building Control Systems

OKW has expanded its SMART-PANEL series, introducing state-of-the-art wall-mount and desktop enclosures tailored for advanced building monitoring and control systems. The latest ad

Industrial | 18-12-2023

OKW MEDITEC: Advanced Enclosures for Medical and Laboratory Devices

OKW's MEDITEC range offers cutting-edge enclosures designed for desktop, portable, and wall-mounted electronics, now available in two versatile versions across four plan sizes. The

Industrial | 13-11-2023

Tough plastic enclosures for test and measurement electronics added to range

OKW's SOLID-BOX (IP 66, IP 67) has IK 08 impact protection, making it excellent for devices in challenging industrial and outdoor environments. The enclosures are also ideal for pl

Industrial | 17-10-2023

New colour choice for flanged IIoT/sensor enclosures

OKW’s flanged MINI-DATA-BOX plastic enclosures are now offered in a new two-colour option: the base is traffic grey A (RAL 7042), and the top is traffic white (RAL 9016). The enclo

Industrial | 13-09-2023

New transparent soft-touch lacquer offers huge range of colour options

OKW has released a new transparent soft-touch lacquer – allowing designers to specify a 'velvet' finish for its plastic enclosures and tuning knobs in any colour. The new lacquer i

Industrial | 30-08-2023

Robust handheld enclosures available in seven versions

OKW’s robust DATEC-MOBIL-BOX handheld plastic enclosures are now offered in seven versions. They are rated IP 65 (optional) for service in harsh environments. The high-performance

Industrial | 01-08-2023

Compact plastic enclosures now in customised versions

OKW Enclosures' new MINI-DATA-BOX plastic enclosures for 'go-anywhere' miniaturised electronics are now offered in customised versions. The enclosures are ideal for applications, i

Industrial | 15-06-2023

New plastic enclosures for industrial electronics

OKW has released robust new SOLID-BOX plastic enclosures for desktop and wall-mount electronics in demanding industrial and outdoor locations. With IK08 impact protection, these IP

Industrial | 05-05-2023