Module delivers fast and reliable 4G connectivity worldwide

Mouser now stocks the Pro 4G module from Arduino. Powered by a powerful Quectel LTE Cat 4 modem, the module's fast data throughput and high bandwidths deliver reliable and quick data download and upload, even in remote locations. The module

Mouser Electronics | 20-06-2024

Wi-Fi HaLow module is ideal for the most demanding IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the FGH100M Wi-Fi HaLow module from Quectel. The module provides Sub-1GHz long-range wireless data transmission for indoor and outdoor IoT applications, with low power consumption and ten times the range of traditional Wi-

Mouser Electronics | 14-06-2024

Pre-built gain horn antennas are improved with coax adapters in cage-style mounts

Fairview Microwave has launched its in-house, pre-built gain horn antennas. These new offerings improve the company's standard gain horns by adding coaxial adapters and an innovative cage-style mount. The upgrades simplify mounting and impr

Fairview Microwave | 14-06-2024

New RF fixed attenuators and terminations deliver compactness and performance

Pasternack offers its new RF fixed attenuators and terminations with NEX10 connectors. These components operate at up to 6GHz and have a maximum power rating of 5W and 10W. Integrated with the cutting-edge NEX10 connectorised design, these

Pasternack | 10-06-2024

Global tracking and telematics Click board provides extensive network compatibility

MIKROE has launched 4G LTE&GNSS Click, a compact add-on board designed for advanced global tracking and telematics applications. It allows developers to build highly efficient, smaller solutions without compromising performance. The

Mikroelektronika | 07-06-2024

Signals are easy to optimise with new omnidirectional antennas

L-com has introduced a new line of gooseneck omni antennas that offer a wide range of frequencies and radiation patterns. They are designed for use with unmanned vehicles (drones), video transmission, walkie-talkie communication, manpack ra

L-com | 07-06-2024

10-in-1 antenna for next-generation routers and gateways

Mouser now stocks the MA8010 10-in-1 antenna from Taoglas. The device is a GNSS, Wi-Fi, and 5G/4G combination antenna designed for use with next-generation routers and gateways. It is ideal for emergency and first responder vehicles, EV cha

Mouser Electronics | 05-06-2024

Comprehensive Bluetooth AoA solution enables reliable indoor asset tracking

u-blox has released u-locate, a complete indoor positioning solution that delivers the optimal combination of accuracy, cost, and power consumption. Based on Bluetooth LE AoA, it delivers positioning accuracy levels down to 10cm while ensur

U-Blox | 05-06-2024

Transmission line compatibility enhanced by new impedance-matching pads

Pasternack has released its latest product, matching pads for 50-Ohm and 75-Ohm transmission lines. These pads supply a seamless transition between the two types of transmission lines. These pads provide optimal performance across variou

Pasternack | 04-06-2024

New IoT connectivity solution for Bluetooth LE

Blecon announces the availability of a new IoT connectivity solution based on Bluetooth LE. This innovative solution meets the challenges companies face in applying Bluetooth LE to IoT Connectivity, providing a practical approach that simpl

Blecon | 31-05-2024

Distribution for wireless industrial IoT applications expanded

Mouser has expanded its global distribution agreement with Semtech to include wireless products from Sierra Wireless, which it acquired in 2023. The company delivers innovative products and solutions for industrial M2M, public safety, mobil

Mouser Electronics | 30-05-2024

Hardware gateway for industrial edge and cloud applications

Softing Industrial presented its new edgeGate at Hannover Messe 2024 – a maintenance-free hardware solution for transferring production data from PLC and CNC controllers to edge and cloud-based environments. edgeGate simplifies access to

Softing | 30-05-2024

Free webinar on the future of smart home security

Mouser has partnered with Infineon Technologies to offer the engineering community a new webinar, 'Secured Smart Access: Building the Future of Smart Homes'. The free webinar will take place on June 18th, 2024, at 17:00 CET. As our homes

Mouser Electronics | 29-05-2024

New high-power RF terminations for enhanced performance launched

Fairview Microwave launched its high-power RF terminations. They are designed to improve signal integrity in demanding applications across telecommunications, aerospace and defence sectors. The newly unveiled terminations feature cutting

Fairview Microwave | 28-05-2024

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