Expanded processing portfolio includes multi-core 64-bit MPUs

With the launch of its PIC64 portfolio, Microchip Technology expands its computing range to satisfy the rising demands of today's embedded designs. Making the company a single-vendor solution provider for MPUs, the PIC64 family will be desi

Microchip Technology | 15-07-2024

Innovative energy-harvesting sensor in industrial communication

Integral System has expanded its IIoT portfolio by adding TCT's E-Green Sensor, an innovative self-powered IoT current sensor which operates autonomously without wiring or batteries. This sensor employs residual energy recovery technolog

Integral System | 12-07-2024

Next-generation open-source AIoT kit

Mouser now stocks the ESP32-S3-BOX-3, Espressif Systems' next-generation open-source AIoT kit. This AI development kit is excellent for developers who prototype and transform existing factory operating systems into Edge, AI, and HMI applica

Mouser Electronics | 10-07-2024

Smart home communications controller for IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the QPG6105 smart home communications controller from Qorvo. Including a single 2.4GHz ISM-band radio, this multi-standard (multi-stack and multi-channel listening) SoC controller delivers superior RF performance, bridging

Mouser Electronics | 02-07-2024

Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.4 module for next-generation industrial IoT applications

Mouser now offers the new Sona MT320 Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.4 modules from Ezurio. The modules provide ruggedised, next-gen wireless performance for IIoT connectivity, smart signage, retail POS, handheld devices, and other Wi-Fi 6-based ap

Mouser Electronics | 01-07-2024

Partner program launched to empower IoT innovation with sensor technology

TDK Corporation has announced the InvenSense Sensor Partner Program to empower faster time-to-market and innovation using InvenSense MEMS sensors in IoT, wearable, hearable, AR, VR and robotics applications. Through these new ecosystem part

TDK | 28-06-2024

Low-profile AC/DC power supplies offer convection for medical and industrial applications

XP Power today announces a new series of low-profile 550W AC-DC power supplies rated for convection, conduction, and forced-air cooling. Approved for use in medical and industrial applications, the new PSUs are ideal for a wide range of app

XP Power | 26-06-2024

New industrial panel PCs enhances efficiency in manufacturing and logistics

Delta has revealed its latest innovation – a new series of Industrial Panel PCs designed to boost efficiency and reliability in critical operations across various industries. Available in 12", 15", and 19" models, these PPCs offer multi-poi

Delta Electronics | 19-06-2024

Collaboration explores wireless connectivity in new eBook

Mouser has announced a new eBook in collaboration with STMicroelectronics, providing an in-depth look at wireless connectivity. The plethora of new and pre-existing connected IoT and IIoT devices, gateways, and sensors need wireless tech

Mouser Electronics | 18-06-2024

Wi-Fi HaLow module is ideal for the most demanding IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the FGH100M Wi-Fi HaLow module from Quectel. The module provides Sub-1GHz long-range wireless data transmission for indoor and outdoor IoT applications, with low power consumption and ten times the range of traditional Wi-

Mouser Electronics | 14-06-2024

High-efficiency PFET buck controller simplifies advanced power management solutions

WIN SOURCE now offers the Texas Instruments LM3485MMX/NOPB PFET buck controller, which stands out as a versatile and highly efficient device designed to meet the demands of various power management applications. This component offers develo

WIN SOURCE | 14-06-2024

A game changer for process industries via Ethernet-APL

The key technology Ethernet-APL meets all promises and brings digitalisation to every corner of a process plant: the fast and efficient communication of large amounts of data is barrier-free and reliable in potentially explosive areas. A

Pepperl+Fuchs | 14-06-2024

New platform for developing proof-of-concept IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the XPLR-IOT-1 Explorer kit from u-blox. The kit provides a complete platform for developing proof-of-concept IoT applications for sensor networks, environmental control, medical devices, smart appliances, lighting applica

Mouser Electronics | 13-06-2024

IO-link hub for industrial automation, sensor and IoT applications

Mouser Electronics, Inc. now offers Banner Engineering's R130C discrete IO-Link hub. This compact, top-exit IO-Link hub enables connections for up to 16 non-IO-Link devices into an IO-Link system for industrial automation, sensor networks,

Mouser Electronics | 06-06-2024

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