Robin Mitchell

Robin Mitchell is an electronic engineer who has been involved in electronics since the age of 13. After completing a BEng at the University of Warwick, Robin moved into the field of online content creation, developing articles, news pieces, and projects aimed at professionals and makers alike. Currently, Robin runs a small electronics business, MitchElectronics, which produces educational kits and resources.

Microsoft Open Sources MS-DOS 4.0 for Public Use

Remember the days of Microsoft DOS? Well, if DOS is something that you loved (or still love), you can now view all the original source code thanks to Microsoft finally releasing t

Insights | 24-05-2024

Apple and TSMC Developing AI Chips for Data Centers

No matter where you look, AI seems to be taking over everything. While many are content with services provided by companies such as OpenAI and Nvidia, there are those in the tech

Insights | 23-05-2024

US Chipmaking Capacity to Triple by 2032 with CHIPS Act

The United States is gearing up to significantly boost its domestic chip manufacturing capacity and control a substantial portion of advanced chip production by 2032, a move prope

Insights | 23-05-2024

Micron Confirms $50B Investment Backed by US CHIPS Act

To say that integrated circuits form the foundation of modern society is by no means an understatement, and the massive wave of government funding for semiconductor production has

In The News | 21-05-2024

US Auto Regulator Investigates Tesla's Latest Recall

While there are many who praise the efforts of Tesla, the numerous recalls that it has seen over its vehicles lead many to wonder whether or not Tesla is on its last legs. Now tha

Insights | 21-05-2024

Samsung Starts Mass Production of 286-Layer NAND Flash Memory

With each passing year, it seems that the amount of memory that computers are able to integrate continues to skyrocket. Now, Samsung has announced that it has started producing it

In The News | 20-05-2024

IBM Integrates Meta Llama 3 on Watsonx for Enterprise AI

IBM has recently announced the integration of Meta Llama 3, the latest open large language model from Meta, into its Watsonx AI and data platform, expanding its model library for

Insights | 17-05-2024

Intel Shifts to Foundry Business, Aims for No. 2 Spot by 2030

Intel's recent announcement to become the world's second-largest foundry by 2030 marks a significant shift in focus compared to its decision to exit the ASIC design services busin

Insights | 17-05-2024

Linus Torvalds Discusses Trust, AI, and Security in Open Source

Keynote Presentation: Linus Torvalds, the Creator of Linux and Git, Discusses with Dirk Hohndel Linus Torvalds, the renowned creator of Linux, recently delved into various tech to

Insights | 16-05-2024