Test & Measurement

Strain gage simulator mimics bridge tension/compression activity

Lincoln Instruments SIM1000 Strain Gage Simulator is a novel 350ohm Wheatstone Bridge Strain Gage/Load Cell simulator that mimics tension and compression activity on the bridge, ratiometrically. Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the Lincol

Saelig | 22-05-2024

New MUX family delivers highest channel count microwave multiplexer switches in PXI

Pickering Interfaces has released a new family of high channel count PXI and PXIe microwave MUX modules. Expanding its range of RF and microwave switching, the 40/42-788 family is based on industry-leading, superior-quality Radiall mechanic

Pickering | 22-05-2024

Advancing op-amp technology for battery-powered and portable applications

WIN SOURCE now offers the OPA2241UA op-amp designed by Burr-Brown (now part of Texas Instruments). The device exemplifies cutting-edge innovation in low-power, high-performance electronic components. This op-amp is tailored to satisfy th

WIN SOURCE | 21-05-2024

Cooled automation camera for process control and quality assurance

FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced the FLIR A6301, a highly sensitive, cooled midwave thermal imaging camera designed for 24/7 inspection and automation applications. It aims to make production lines more efficient and imp

FLIR Systems | 21-05-2024

Adapter board for radar-based applications in distance measurement and people detection

Reliable solutions for distance measurement and people and surface detection play a key role in IoT applications. Here, there is a strong demand for smaller and lower-power radars. With the RAB3, the experts from Rutronik System Solutions a

Rutronik | 21-05-2024

Pressure sensor delivers long-term stability for liquid measurement applications

Mouser now stocks the TE Connectivity/Measurement Specialties MS5849 board mount pressure sensor. Designed to supply precise digital 24-bit pressure and temperature values, the pressure sensor provides multiple operation modes that enable t

Mouser Electronics | 20-05-2024

New sensor for steer-by-wire released

Melexis has added the MLX90427 to its magnetic position sensor portfolio. The product is tailored for embedded position sensor applications requiring high functional safety levels. Next to offering customer stray field immunity and EMC robu

Melexis | 20-05-2024

Evaluation board supports industrial, automotive and robotics applications

Mouser now stocks the MR-CANHUBK344 Evaluation Board for Mobile Robotics from NXP Semiconductors. The evaluation board is for mobile robotics applications such as AMR and AGV. Based on the Arm Cortex-M7 S32K3 general-purpose automotive M

Mouser Electronics | 17-05-2024

Solid-state high-voltage auxiliary e-fuse reference design for charging apps

Mouser now stocks the Microchip Technology MSDR-EFUSE high-voltage auxiliary E-Fuse reference design. Employing the benefits of Microchip's proven 700V and 1200V Silicon Carbide mSiC products and other company technologies, this high-voltag

Mouser Electronics | 16-05-2024

New solder fume extraction system cleans the air at every soldering station

In electronics manufacturing, workshops, and R&D facilities, Weller’s latest solder fume extraction system, available now from Conrad Electronic, protects the health of the workforce. Furthermore, cleaner air makes breathing easier and

Conrad Electronic | 15-05-2024

Tactical-grade ruggedised IMUs for precise measurements in harsh conditions

Mouser now stocks the 3DM-GV7 tactical-grade ruggedised IMU from MicroStrain by HBK. Explicitly developed to meet the precise timing and environmental challenges of the robotics and automation industries, the IMUs deliver high-precision ine

Mouser Electronics | 13-05-2024

Regenerative load and grid simulator for test and stress applications

Intepro Systems now introduces the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC from Cinergia, the most complete and versatile Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load Converter and Grid Simulator currently available. The device provides revolutionary new regenerati

Intepro | 10-05-2024

Spectrum analyser enables surveying and logging of 5G networks

Mouser now offers the SNYPER-5G Graphyte (GL) spectrum analyser from Siretta. The device is a high-performance, multi-language network signal analyser and cellular signal logger dedicated to surveying and logging 5G/NR 4G/LTE, LTE-Cat M1, N

Mouser Electronics | 09-05-2024

New ultrasonic sensors suited to multiple applications

The new Leuze ultrasonic sensors of the 420B and 412B series can be employed for many different applications thanks to an adjustable sound cone and a small dead zone. The new ultrasonic sensors are offered with adjustable sound cone and

Leuze | 09-05-2024

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