Development Boards

Development kit offers improved driver performance and enhanced reliability

NXP Semiconductors TEA6017DK1005 Development Kit, available now from Mouser, provides the equivalent of the TEA2017AAT with improved driver performance, ESD performance, and enhanced reliability. The TEA6017AT Digital Configurable LLC and M

Mouser Electronics | 20-09-2022

Development kit for demanding IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the new Summit SOM 8M Plus Development Kit from Laird Connectivity. The new development kit allows engineers to develop Laird Connectivity’s Summit SOM 8M Plus, a highly integrated software and hardware solution powered by

Mouser Electronics | 14-09-2022

Dev kits for rapid AI application development solutions

Mouser now stocks the reComputer Jetson 20-1 Xavier NX and reComputer Jetson 10-1 Nano development kits from Seeed Studio. Constructed with advanced NVIDIA cores, the development kits support the rapid development of AI solutions in applica

Mouser Electronics | 06-07-2022

Universal development board facilitates choice of MCU and peripherals

MikroElektronika has released UNI-DS v8, a universal development board perfect for rapid prototyping, including everything engineers may require for their new project. It is equipped with features and global standard interfaces that enable

Mikroelektronika | 07-06-2022

Battery manager evaluation module provides a complete system

Texas Instruments bq27Z746EVM-047 Battery Manager Evaluation Module (EVM), available now from Mouser, is a complete system for evaluating the bq27Z746 battery manager. The evaluation module includes the manager with integrated protection ci

Mouser Electronics | 03-05-2022

Complete 4K AI vision solution for running image-based machine learning

e-con Systems has launched the qSmartAI80_CUQ610, a Qualcomm AI vision kit based on Sony STARVIS IMX415. This ready-to-deploy AI camera kit is ideal for image-based machine learning and deep learning models at the edge. The solution is a

e-con Systems | 20-04-2022

Bluetooth indoor positioning antenna board for commercial end-products

u-blox has released the u-blox ANT-B10 antenna board for Bluetooth direction finding and indoor positioning applications. Created for integration into commercial end-products, the board provides low power, high precision indoor positioning

U-Blox | 25-03-2022

Highly versatile USB-IO board enables control and monitoring

Review Display Systems has introduced a highly versatile USB control and monitoring interface board. The intelligent USB-IO board provides a comprehensive range of I/O (input/output) ports that can be easily controlled and monitored using a

Review Display | 14-03-2022

Implement IoT across the world, even using 2G

MikroElektronika has released NB IoT 4 Click, a compact add-on board for IoT applications such as smart metering, security and asset tracking, intelligent wearables, home appliances, environmental monitoring and more. The new Click board in

Mikroelektronika | 15-02-2022

Simplifying COM-HPC designs

congatec welcomes the publication of the COM-HPC Carrier Board Design Guide by the PICMG with the launch of a full specification compliant ecosystem for engineers of COM-HPC Client and Server module-based designs. From now on, engineers can

Congatec | 14-02-2022

Demo board simplifies design of small and efficient adapters and chargers

Eggtronic has announced an AC/DC demo and development board to speed the design, prototyping and implementation of high-efficiency, high-performance, ultra-compact power converters, power adapters and device chargers. The new 35W AC/DC deve

Eggtronic | 07-02-2022

Evaluation board for capacitance-to-digital converter

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-CN0552-PMDZ Evaluation Board, available now from Mouser, is a demonstration and development platform for the AD7746 Capacitance-to-Digital Converter (CDC). The board comprises of a second-order (Σ-Δ or charge balanc

Mouser Electronics | 24-01-2022

Control board facilitates detection and tracking of multi-finger thick gloved touch

Microchip Technology ATMXT640UD-DEV-PCB Control Board (EV30P71A), available now from Mouser, is a development platform for the ATMXT640UD maXTouch Touchscreen Controller. It includes proprietary differential touch sensing, providing unparal

Mouser Electronics | 29-12-2021

Magnetic evaluation is simplified with a comprehensive modular platform

Melexis has launched its latest DVKs for current sensor IC evaluation. These DVKs provide engineers with a real preview of each IC’s features in their own design. At the same time, they optimize investment and resource allocation. The co

Melexis | 14-12-2021

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