Power ratings doubled expanding high-spec options for popular reed relays

Pickering Electronics has increased the power ratings of four of its most popular relay series – including Series 112, 113 and 116, plus ultra-high density 4mm2 Series 122 – provid

Power | 01-07-2024

New high channel count microwave MUX modules

Pickering Interfaces will showcase its extensive range of RF and microwave switching, including SPDT, transfer, MUX and matrix switches with bandwidths from DC to 110GHz, available

Test & Measurement | 18-06-2024

New MUX family delivers highest channel count microwave multiplexer switches in PXI

Pickering Interfaces has released a new family of high channel count PXI and PXIe microwave MUX modules. Expanding its range of RF and microwave switching, the 40/42-788 family is

Test & Measurement | 22-05-2024

High-power reed relays offer alternative to mercury wetted reed relays or electromechanical relays

Pickering Electronics has released its latest high-power reed relay, Series 144, featuring an impressive 80W power rating while stacking on a compact 0.25" pitch. The SIP reed rela

Power | 09-04-2024

Industry's first miniature SIP reed relay with 5kV stand-off capability

Pickering Electronics has added a 5kV stand-off, up to 1.5kV switching version to its single-in-line Series 104 reed relay family. Previously, to attain a 5kV stand-off rating, a l

Power | 05-02-2024

PXIe single-slot embedded controller with first future-ready PCIe Gen 4 capability

Pickering Interfaces has launched its new 43-920-001 single-slot PXIe embedded controller, which was developed to improve testing capabilities. The new module delivers the world's

Industrial | 27-11-2023

New high voltage smd reed relays can switch up to 1kV

Pickering Electronics released its first high voltage surface mount reed relays – the Series 219. Offered in multiple package types (of the same size but with differing pin positio

Power | 23-11-2023

New high-voltage SMD reed relays for instrumentation and ATE

Pickering Electronics will showcase its newly introduced high-voltage surface mount reed relay at Productronica. "As Pickering continuously improves its reed relay offering for ins

Power | 16-11-2023

Highly configurable microwave switching to PXI just released

Pickering Interfaces has released its new 40/42-890 family of modular, flexible PXI/PXIe microwave switches, bringing highly configurable RF switching solutions up to 110GHz to the

Test & Measurement | 01-09-2023

Flexible microwave switching family provides highly configurable switching solutions

Pickering Interfaces will showcase its new 40/42-890 family of modular, flexible microwave switches, obtaining highly configurable switching solutions up to 110GHz to the PXI platf

Industrial | 23-08-2023

Miniature high voltage reed relay suits a wide range of applications

Pickering Electronics has released a new high-temperature high voltage single-in-line reed relay that can operate at up to 125C. The new Series 104HT relay belongs to a family of m

Power | 25-07-2023

Switch design tool simplifies configuration of LXI microwave switching and relay systems

Pickering Interfaces has released its Microwave Switch Design Tool, a new free online tool for configuring flexible LXI microwave switching products. The dedicated tool will facili

Industrial | 22-06-2023

New MEMs-based RF multiplexers at IMS 2023

Pickering Interfaces will showcase its comprehensive RF and microwave switching range, releasing several new products, including the first modules in a new MEMS-based RF PXI/PXIe m

Test & Measurement | 09-06-2023

PXI multi-channel battery simulator modules emulate battery stacks up to 1000V

Pickering Interfaces has released the latest version in its 41/43-752A range of battery simulator modules. Excellent for EV battery stack emulation in BMS test applications, the 41

Power | 26-04-2023