Meeting high power demands with low RDS(on) power transistors in TOLL package

Innoscience has announced new, low RDS(on), high-power devices in its ever-growing family of 650V/700V enhancement-mode power transistors. New 30mOhm, 50mOhm, and 70mOhm RON parts are available in the industry-standard TOLL package. The 70m

Innoscience Technology | 29-02-2024

FPGA webcast from newly independent Intel business

Mouser invites its customers to join the Intel FPGA Vision Webcast hosted by Intel Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) chief executive officer Sandra Rivera and chief operator officer Shannon Poulin. The free webcast, broadcast in English, w

Mouser Electronics | 28-02-2024

SiC inverter control modules accelerate electric motor drivetrain development

CISSOID has released its new series of SiC ICMs dedicated to the e-mobility market. These software-powered modules are created to help engineers develop functionally safe, robust and modular e-motor drives while dramatically shortening time

Cissoid | 28-02-2024

New AI accelerator developed for lightweight AI models and embedded processor technology

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced the development of embedded processor technology that allows higher speeds and lower power consumption in MPUs that realise advanced vision AI. The newly developed technologies are a DRP-based A

Renesas | 27-02-2024

Versatile Wi-Fi 6 module for the mass market

u-blox now offers its new NORA-W4 module. With its comprehensive range of wireless technologies (Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth LE 5.3, Thread, and Zigbee), compact form factor (10.4mm x 14.3mm x 1.9mm), and affordability, it is ideal for IoT applicati

U-Blox | 26-02-2024

Automotive-grade speech-synthesis LSI IC for EVs

Mouser now supplies the ML22120 automotive-grade speech synthesis LSI IC from ROHM Semiconductor. The LSI IC is designed for vehicle approach alert systems in EVs. The device is the industry's first speech synthesis LSI designed specific

Mouser Electronics | 23-02-2024

High-voltage SiC-based power modules simplify and speed system integration

Microchip Technology has introduced the 3.3kV XIFM plug-and-play mSiC gate driver with patented Augmented Switching technology, designed to work out-of-the-box with preconfigured module settings to reduce design and evaluation time signific

Microchip Technology | 23-02-2024

Solution making it easy to add Matter and security to smart home devices

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the OPTIGA Trust M MTR. The Matter-certified Secure Element is the latest configuration of its OPTIGA Trust M, combined with a Matter provisioning service. According to ABI Research forecasts, the

Infineon | 23-02-2024

First IC for piezoelectric resonator DC-DC conversion achieves a 310% loss reduction

CEA-Leti scientists and the University of California San Diego have created a ground-breaking piezoelectric-based DC-DC converter that unifies all power switches onto a single chip to increase power density. This new power topology stretche

CEA-Leti | 23-02-2024

Embedded MRAM macro developed for high-performance MCUs

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced it has developed circuit technologies for an embedded spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random-access memory (STT-MRAM, from now on MRAM) test chip with fast read and write operations. Fabricate

Renesas | 23-02-2024

New strain gauge modules and J1939 and CAN protocol sleds

Red Lion has announced its new strain gauge modules and J1939 and CAN protocol sleds designed to enhance and scale its FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform. The new strain gauge modules are readily installable and configurable a

Red Lion | 22-02-2024

High-efficiency compact MOSFET modules for solar inverter and EV charging

SemiQ has unveiled the latest addition to its QSiC family. The QSiC 1200V SiC MOSFET modules in full-bridge configurations produce near-zero switching loss, greatly improving efficiency, lowering heat dissipation, and permitting smaller hea

SemiQ | 21-02-2024

Lower cost Bluetooth long-range module for low power applications released

Infineon Technologies AG now offers the CYW20822-P4TAI040, its latest Bluetooth module that pushes the low-power and range boundaries for wireless connectivity in IoT and consumer electronics. This module is the most cost-effective in its c

Infineon | 20-02-2024

SBD achieves class-leading trr by adopting a trench MOS structure

ROHM has developed 100V breakdown SBDs that deliver industry-leading trr for power supply and protection circuits in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications. Although many types of diodes exist, highly efficient SBDs are increa

ROHM Semiconductor | 20-02-2024