Next gen low-voltage analog switches for automotive and industrial system design

Nexperia has introduced a new series of four- and eight-channel analog switches developed to monitor and protect 1.8V electronic systems. This series of multiplexers includes AEC-Q

Automotive & Transport | 12-03-2024

Range of discrete FET solutions delivers space-saving PoE ASFETs and MOSFETs

Nexperia has released several new MOSFETs to widen its range of discrete switching solutions for various applications across multiple end markets. This release includes 100V ASFETs

Power | 04-03-2024

Automotive planar Schottky diodes provide superior heat dissipation in small footprint size

Nexperia now provides a portfolio of 22 new planar Schottky diodes in CFP3-HP packaging. The portfolio includes 11 industrial and 11 AEC-Q101-qualified products. This release suppo

Semiconductors | 15-02-2024

Calculator assists in enhancing battery life optimisation

Nexperia has released the Energy Balance Calculator – a powerful web-based tool designed to assist battery management engineers in maximising the battery life of their applications

Semiconductors | 12-02-2024

New LCD bias power ICs deliver high performance in display devices

Nexperia has introduced a new series of space-saving, high-efficiency, dual-output LCD bias power supplies. These devices have been designed to extend the lifetime of TFT-LCD panel

Semiconductors | 12-01-2024

GaN FETs in compact SMD packaging CCPAK for industrial and renewable energy applications

Nexperia has stated that its GaN FET devices, delivering next-gen high-voltage GaN HEMT technology in proprietary copper-clip CCPAK surface mount packaging, are now offered to desi

Power | 14-12-2023

First SiC MOSFETs raise the bar for robust and reliable power switching

Nexperia offers its first SiC MOSFETs by releasing two 1200V discrete devices in three-pin TO-247 packaging with RDS(on) values of 40mOhm and 80mOhm. NSF040120L3A0 and NSF080120L3A

Power | 06-12-2023

Ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diodes shield automotive data interfaces

Nexperia has extended its portfolio of ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diodes created to protect high-speed data lines in interfaces such as USB, HDMI, high-speed video links

Semiconductors | 23-10-2023

Partners produce a 650V silicon carbide rectifier module for power applications

Nexperia has partnered with Kyocera AVX Components to jointly produce a new 650V, 20A SiC rectifier module for high-frequency power applications ranging from 3kW to 11kW power stac

Power | 16-10-2023

RETs facilitate high-power load switching in space-constrained applications

Nexperia offers a new series of 500mA dual RETs in ultra-compact DFN2020(D)-6 packaging. These devices have been created for load switching in wearables and smartphones and use in

Semiconductors | 09-10-2023

Expanded portfolio includes first integrated 5V load switch

Nexperia has expanded its analog and logic product portfolio by introducing the load switch product family. Headlining the release is the NPS4053, a high-density IC developed to su

Power | 24-08-2023

Industry’s first coin cell battery life and power booster

Nexperia has introduced the NBM7100 and NBM5100, revolutionary new types of battery life boosting ICs designed to prolong the life of a typical non-rechargeable lithium coin cell b

Power | 19-07-2023

New discrete IGBTs offer class-leading efficiency in power applications

Nexperia has released its entry to the IGBT market with a range of 600V devices, starting with the 30A NGW30T60M3DF. Adding IGBTs to its extensive portfolio meets the increasing de

Power | 17-07-2023

High-efficiency switching with reduced spiking offered with wider package options

Nexperia has broadened the package options for its NextPower 80/100V MOSFETs portfolio now also includes LFPAK56 and LFPAK88 packaging. These devices have been developed to combine

Power | 26-06-2023