High-temperature inductors resistant to thermal ageing

Würth Elektronik increases its moulded power inductors series with the high-temperature versions WE-MAPI and WE-LHMI. The new inductors can be used continuously at high-rated curre

Power | 03-05-2024

Expanded series of signal transformers for large energy storage devices and UPS

Würth Elektronik expands its WE-BMS transformer series for battery management systems with versions for an operating voltage of 1500VDC. The component design features enhanced isol

Power | 19-04-2024

New series of LEDs with integrated controllers

Würth Elektronik now supplies WL-ICLED, a new series of RGB LEDs with an integrated controller (IC). The components, controllable as pixels, combine a red, green and blue LED with

Industrial | 10-04-2024

Online simulation tool expanded with power module designer

REDEXPERT, the online platform for the simple selection, simulation, and design-in of Würth Elektronik components, now provides a new function. The MagI³C Power Module Designer ena

Industrial | 20-03-2024

Application note for utilising optocouplers in flyback converters

Würth Elektronik has published its new Application Note, 'Compensating the feedback loop of a current-controlled flyback converter with optocoupler'. The guide is aimed at develope

Industrial | 15-02-2024

Isolated power module provides high efficiency and high protection

The MagI³C-FISM power modules from Würth Elektronik have a new arrival: WPME-FISM ‘Fixed Isolated SIP/SMT Module’ SMT-8 with 3.3V to 5V, rated for 1W POUT. The DC-DC voltage conver

Power | 09-02-2024

Economical and precise series of small MEMS humidity sensor capacitors

Würth Elektronik is launching a very compact, cost-effective digital humidity sensor in the WSEN-HIDS series. The MEMS sensor measures with a precision of ±1.8% RH in the 20-80% re

Passives | 29-01-2024

Digital isolators secure signal transmission up to 150Mbps

Würth Elektronik has introduced its new product family: SMT digital isolators with and without integrated power supply. The components are employed for galvanic isolation to transm

Power | 16-01-2024

Ferroelectricity and voltage-capacitance behaviour

Würth Elektronik has implemented the voltage-capacitance behaviour of ferroelectric MLCCs in the LTspice files of its products, which greatly improves the accuracy of simulations.

Power | 12-12-2023

Extended terminal block connector series offers screwless alternatives and THR versions

Würth Elektronik extends its WR-TBL series by screwless push-in connectors in the 3.5mm and 3.81mm pitches. The new 4101, 8101, 4093, and 8093 series come close to matching the spe

Industrial | 04-12-2023

Easy sensor integration for IoT projects

Würth Elektronik is concentrating on IoT applications with its portfolio of MEMS sensors. Zephyr OS – the microcontroller operating system from the Linux Foundation now incorporate

Semiconductors | 29-11-2023

Understanding a PoE interface from an EMC perspective

Würth Elektronik has published another Application Note on a special challenge in EMC. App Note ANP122 'Understanding a PoE Interface from an EMC Perspective' clarifies which EMI m

Industrial | 21-11-2023

BTB connector family is certified halogen-free

Würth Elektronik offers its WR-BTB family of connectors, now made of guaranteed halogen-free plastic. The board connectors, functioning as data lines connectors, are more environme

Industrial | 14-11-2023

Expanded transformer series for SiC MOSFET gate drivers

Würth Elektronik offers new additions to the WE-AGDT series, with interwinding capacitance lower than one picofarad, more topologies and higher output voltage options. All transfor

Power | 01-11-2023