MOSFETs improve on-state resistance and switching efficiency in automotive applications

Infineon Technologies AG is extending its portfolio of next-generation OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs for automotive applications: the portfolio of 40V products now includes further devices in

Power | 18-06-2024

New SJ MOSFET family for advanced and cost-effective power supply applications

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the 600V CoolMOS 8 high-voltage SJ MOSFET product family. The devices combine the best features of the 600V CoolMOS 7 MOSFET series and are

Power | 13-06-2024

MOSFETs redefine power density and efficiency in AI server power supplies

With the increasing power demands of AI processors, server PSUs must supply more and more power without surpassing the defined dimensions of the server racks. This is driven by a s

Power | 05-06-2024

NFC I2C bridge tag for contactless authentication and secured configuration of IoT devices

Infineon Technologies AG has launched the OPTIGA Authenticate NBT, a high-performance NFC I2C bridge tag for single-tap authentication and secured configuration of IoT devices. It

Semiconductors | 03-06-2024

Angle sensor family delivers outstanding stray field robustness

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the new XENSIV TLE49SR angle sensor family, which combines exceptional stray field immunity with high accuracy. The sensors are excellent fo

Semiconductors | 24-05-2024

Microcontroller for automotive battery management systems

With the introduction of the PSoC 4 High Voltage Precision Analog (HVPA)-144K microcontroller, Infineon Technologies AG as addressed the automotive battery management sector by com

Semiconductors | 16-05-2024

Companies collaborate to optimise the security of next-generation microcontrollers

The demand for high-performance hardware and robust cybersecurity solutions increases as the automotive industry transitions to software-defined vehicles and new E/E architectures.

Semiconductors | 09-05-2024

New motor gate driver IC enables easy migration from 12V to 48V systems

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the MOTIX TLE9140EQW gate driver IC for brushless DC motors, targeting the demanding 24/48V market. The TLE9140 is tailored for automotive m

Power | 02-05-2024

Edge MCUs are first devices designed to meet the new PSA Level 4 certification

Infineon Technologies AG announced that its new PSOC Edge E8x MCU product family has been designed to fulfil the highest certification level provided by the PSA Certified program,

Semiconductors | 22-04-2024

Tool for evaluating smart sensor systems in smart homes and consumer applications

Infineon Technologies has revealed the XENSIV Sensor Shield for Arduino, a versatile tool for evaluating smart sensor systems in smart homes and diverse consumer applications. This

Semiconductors | 17-04-2024

New top-side cooling package for power MOSFETs enables highest efficiency

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the SSO10T TSC package with OptiMOS MOSFET technology. With its direct top-side cooling concept, the package delivers excellent thermal perf

Power | 08-04-2024

New MOSFETs are an industry standard for enhanced power density and efficiency

Motor drive applications take a leap forward with the launch of the Infineon Technologies AG OptiMOS 6 200V MOSFET product family. The new portfolio is created to provide optimal p

Power | 20-03-2024

New MOSFETs deliver increased power density without compromising system reliability

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the new CoolSiC MOSFETs 2000V in the TO-247PLUS-4-HCC package to satisfy designers' demand for increased power density without compromising

Power | 18-03-2024

MCU family with graphics solution enables intelligent rendering technologies

Infineon Technologies AG has announced its strategic collaboration with Qt Group. This collaboration brings Qt's lightweight, high-performance graphics framework to Infineon's grap

Semiconductors | 11-03-2024