New top-side cooling package for power MOSFETs enables highest efficiency

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the SSO10T TSC package with OptiMOS MOSFET technology. With its direct top-side cooling concept, the package delivers excellent thermal perf

Power | 08-04-2024

New MOSFETs are an industry standard for enhanced power density and efficiency

Motor drive applications take a leap forward with the launch of the Infineon Technologies AG OptiMOS 6 200V MOSFET product family. The new portfolio is created to provide optimal p

Power | 20-03-2024

New MOSFETs deliver increased power density without compromising system reliability

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the new CoolSiC MOSFETs 2000V in the TO-247PLUS-4-HCC package to satisfy designers' demand for increased power density without compromising

Power | 18-03-2024

MCU family with graphics solution enables intelligent rendering technologies

Infineon Technologies AG has announced its strategic collaboration with Qt Group. This collaboration brings Qt's lightweight, high-performance graphics framework to Infineon's grap

Semiconductors | 11-03-2024

MCU device family expands HMI solutions for automotive

Infineon Technologies AG has launched the new Automotive PSoC 4100S Max family. This microcontroller device family extends its portfolio of CAPSENSE-enabled HMI solutions for autom

Semiconductors | 07-03-2024

New solid-state isolators to deliver faster switching

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a new product family of Solid-State Isolators to execute faster and more reliable circuit switching with protection features unavailable in

Power | 05-03-2024

New MOSFET product family for automotive and industrial solutions

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the 750V G1 discrete CoolSiC MOSFET to satisfy the increasing demand for higher efficiency and power density in industrial and automotive po

Power | 04-03-2024

High-density power modules enable benchmark performance and TCO for AI data centres

Infineon Technologies AG has launched its TDM2254xD series dual-phase power modules, enabling best-in-class power density, quality and TCO for AI data centres. The series products

Power | 29-02-2024

Solution making it easy to add Matter and security to smart home devices

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the OPTIGA Trust M MTR. The Matter-certified Secure Element is the latest configuration of its OPTIGA Trust M, combined with a Matter provis

Semiconductors | 23-02-2024

Lower cost Bluetooth long-range module for low power applications released

Infineon Technologies AG now offers the CYW20822-P4TAI040, its latest Bluetooth module that pushes the low-power and range boundaries for wireless connectivity in IoT and consumer

Semiconductors | 20-02-2024

Next-generation flyback converter chipset for advanced USB-C PD adapters and chargers

The increasing popularity of USB-C PD charging raises the need for compatible chargers. Users now seek powerful yet compact adapters. Infineon Technologies AG satisfies this demand

Semiconductors | 25-01-2024

GaN solutions enable new V2X charging systems

Infineon Technologies AG has partnered with OMRON Social Solutions Co. Ltd. Combining the company's GaN-based power solutions with the innovative circuit topology and control techn

Power | 23-01-2024

Stray field robust linear TMR sensor enables high-precision length measurements

Infineon Technologies AG has combined its expertise in magnetic position sensors with its established linearised TMR technology to launch the XENSIV TLI5590-A6W magnetic position s

Test & Measurement | 18-01-2024

Partnership provides improved predictive maintenance solutions for the automotive industry

Infineon Technologies AG and Aurora Labs have revealed a new set of AI-based solutions to enhance critical automotive components' long-term reliability and safety, including steeri

Semiconductors | 10-01-2024