Efficient motor control driver IC enhanced with built-in microcontroller and gate driver control

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released a motor control driver IC that implements a gate driver and a CPU core together with a comprehensive set of features and capabilities for more efficiently driving three-phase BLDC motors and PMSM

Toshiba | 12-04-2024

MCU with BLE 5.2 for industrial and wearables delivers ease of connectivity

Mouser now stocks the MAX32690 MCU from Analog Devices, Inc. Combining all the necessary processing horsepower with the ease of connectivity and Bluetooth needed for various consumer and industrial IoT applications, the device is an ideal u

Mouser Electronics | 11-04-2024

Invisible pulsed laser diodes supporting spatial recognition

Mouser now stocks the RLD90QZWx 905nm invisible pulsed laser diodes from ROHM Semiconductor. Featuring narrow emission width and high energy conversion efficiency, the diodes deliver outstanding detection distance and sensing accuracy for l

Mouser Electronics | 10-04-2024

Ultrafast soft recovery diode modules offer improved life expectancy

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced two new FRED Pt 500A Ultrafast soft recovery diode modules in the new TO-244 Gen III package. Delivering higher reliability than previous-generation solutions, the Vishay Semiconductors VS-VSUD505

Vishay | 10-04-2024

Wireless MCU targets Bluetooth 5 Low Energy and Zigbee

The SimpleLink CC2340R2 device is a 2.4GHz wireless MCU targeting Bluetooth 5 Low Energy and Zigbee. The device is optimised for low-power wireless communication as an entry-level SoC, allowing a wide range of end products in categories suc

Texas Instruments | 10-04-2024

Global collaboration expands access to ML development

Mouser has announced a new global partnership with Edge Impulse, a cutting-edge development platform that enables ML on edge devices. Edge Impulse provides advanced intelligence to a wide range of products and devices, from low-power MCUs t

Mouser Electronics | 09-04-2024

First BLE and Matter wireless MCU to feature neural co-processor for AI/ML workloads

Alif Semiconductor has launched the Balletto family, the world’s first BLE wireless microcontroller to feature hardware optimisation for AI/ML workloads. Supplied in an ultra-small WLCSP package, the MCU allows manufacturers to implement

Alif Semiconductor | 09-04-2024

Industry's first general-purpose 32-bit RISC-V MCUs with internally developed CPU core

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released the industry's first general-purpose 32-bit RISC-V-based MCUs built with an internally developed CPU core. While many MCU providers have recently joined investment alliances to advance the develo

Renesas | 08-04-2024

Microcontrollers with expanded code flash memory capacity to support firmware updates

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH strengthens its line up of low-power 32-bit MCUs in its TXZ+ Family Advanced Class by adding 16 new products with 1MB/512KB flash memory capacity and four types of packages. The newly released devices offer v

Toshiba | 08-04-2024

New MCUs with high-resolution analog and OTA update

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the RA2A2 MCU Group based on the Arm Cortex-M23 processor. The new, low-power devices offer a 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC (SDADC) and an innovative dual-bank code flash and bank swap function that m

Renesas | 03-04-2024

Wireless microcontroller provides easy wireless connectivity

Mouser now stocks the SimpleLink CC2674R10 wireless microcontroller from Texas Instruments. The controller is a multiprotocol and multi-band 24GHz wireless MCU. This device supports Thread, Zigbee, Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy, IEEE 802.15.4

Mouser Electronics | 25-03-2024

Solve key design challenges with chipset family of products

Available through Symmetry Electronics is the MediaTek Genio 1200, 700, 500, and 350 chipset family of products developed to solve key design challenges delivering fast multicore performance with extreme power-efficiency, optimising the use

Symmetry Electronics | 22-03-2024

Automotive image sensor now compatible with Snapdragon Digital Chassis

OMNIVISION has announced that its OX08D10 8MP CMOS image sensor with TheiaCel technology is now pre-integrated and validated with colour tuning on the Snapdragon Ride Platform, Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC and Snapdragon Cockpit Platform from Q

OMNIVISION | 22-03-2024

New GNSS platform for enhanced positioning accuracy in urban environments

u-blox has announced F10, the company's first dual-band GNSS platform combining L1 and L5 bands to offer enhanced multipath resistance and metre-level positioning accuracy. The platform caters to urban mobility applications, including after

U-Blox | 22-03-2024

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