First Cloud-based System Development Tool Enables Rapid Prototypes

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced new features and further coverage for its Quick Connect Studio, a cloud-based embedded system design platform. The platform allows users to graphically co-optimise hardware and software to validate

Renesas | 22-04-2024

Compiler toolset for RISC-V in safety and security-critical automotive applications

TASKING has introduced the new compiler toolset VX-Toolset for RISC-V. The industry's first ISO 26262 and ISO/SAE 21434 compliant compiler enables the development of automotive embedded software that fulfils stringent functional safety and

TASKING | 18-04-2024

Cooperation paves the way for autonomous driving

A key necessity for autonomous driving and x-by-wire systems is the correct timing of fail-operational systems. Coordinated software tools and close cooperation between Vector and AbsInt make it easier for ECU developers to analyse the Wors

Vector | 18-04-2024

Collaboration delivers a comprehensive end-to-end AI solution

SECO S.p.A. is working with NXP Semiconductors to bring SECO's Clea software solution to industrial and IoT applications. Clea is the full-fledged AIaaS Platform, and the optimisation of Clea on NXP hardware will enable deploying AI models

SECO | 12-04-2024

New approach to dynamic RGB-LED application development

Melexis has unveiled the ADK81116 application development kit. Developed to simplify the development of dynamic RGB-LED automotive applications, this comprehensive solution comes with preloaded configurable firmware. It removes the necessit

Melexis | 09-04-2024

Software for motor-drive development supports faster time-to-market

Toshiba Electronics Europe has updated and extended its design framework for BLDC and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) drives, adding new features that automatically capture motor parameters and simplify optimising settings. By eas

Toshiba | 25-03-2024

Online simulation tool expanded with power module designer

REDEXPERT, the online platform for the simple selection, simulation, and design-in of Würth Elektronik components, now provides a new function. The MagI³C Power Module Designer enables a power module's swift and hassle-free integration into

Wurth | 20-03-2024

Collaboration provides emWin embedded system graphics library free of charge

SEGGER and GigaDevice have partnered to provide emWin GUI software free of charge. With GD32, the largest Arm-based MCU product family in China, GigaDevice was the first to launch MCUs containing Cortex-M3, -M4, -M23, -M33, and -M7 cores in

Segger | 15-03-2024

PCIe Gen 6 controller IP offers full-featured protocol layer supporting diverse modes

SignatureIP has announced its new PCIe Gen 6 Controller IP that works from Gen 1 to Gen 6. It natively incorporates its recently announced iNoCulator tool to supply a high-speed interface for chip design to connect with peripherals seamless

SignatureIP | 13-03-2024

Free configurator puts the power of full core customisation into hands of customers

Semidynamics now offers its new tool, ‘Configurator,’ which puts the power of its full customisation of a RISC-V processor core in the hands of the customer. It uses dozens of blocks that have already been verified by the company, so the fi

Semidynamics | 11-03-2024

Debugger and performance analyser now available for Windows on Arm

SEGGER has announced that its debugger and performance analyser, Ozone, is now available for Windows on Arm. With the existing binaries for Windows on Intel, for macOS on Intel and Apple Silicon, and the Linux builds, the analyser now ru

Segger | 05-03-2024

MQTT protocol sets new standard for connectivity and security

The Secure Integration Server (SIS) from Softing Industrial now supports the MQTT protocol. This improves connectivity and security for data integration in IT/OT cloud applications. MQTT delivers enhanced security and connectivity features

Softing | 21-02-2024

Automated electronic product design service launched

ByteSnap Design has launched its Automated Electronic Product Design Service, which takes a specification and turns it into a market-ready solution with minimal input from in-house design teams. Undertaking new product development projec

ByteSnap | 16-02-2024

Calculator assists in enhancing battery life optimisation

Nexperia has released the Energy Balance Calculator – a powerful web-based tool designed to assist battery management engineers in maximising the battery life of their applications. The calculator facilitates the integration of the company'

Nexperia | 12-02-2024

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