Bi-directional DC converter now available for diverse test applications

Intepro Systems offers the availability of Cinergia’s B2C+ Bi-Directional DC Converter, revolutionising DC Test Platform Efficiency and Flexibility. This advanced converter provide

Power | 19-06-2024

Regenerative load and grid simulator for test and stress applications

Intepro Systems now introduces the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC from Cinergia, the most complete and versatile Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load Converter and Grid Simulator currently av

Power | 10-05-2024

Upgrading test stations with solutions to improve workflow and provide value

Intepro Systems helps to add longevity to existing electronics test systems by enabling the replacement of test hardware with no impact to test procedures or testing programs. This

Design & Manufacture | 18-05-2022

Custom designed fuel battery and fuse tester

Intepro Systems provide a complete set of test services for the battery and semiconductor industries, comprising cell and battery testers up to 2MW and battery simulators for resea

Test & Measurement | 06-01-2022

Hardware and software for cell and battery testing

Intepro Systems offers a full set of test services for the battery industry, incorporating cell and battery testers up to 2MW and battery simulators for application in research and

Power | 19-10-2021

Programmable DC power supply offers high power density and output power

Intepro Systems has added the ADG-P Programmable DC Power Supply range to its power supply offerings. The device offers high power density and output power, up to 100kW, in units t

Power | 01-03-2021

New addition to programmable DC power supply range

Intepro Systems has added the ADG-L Programmable DC Power Supply to its power supply range. Supplied in a compact 3U chassis the ADG-L gives high power output from 4kW to 12kW for

Power | 28-01-2021

Compact bidirectional and regenerative power supplies simplify testing

Intepro Systems has launched its PSB series of programmable digital power supplies/loads. The series microprocessor controlled bi-directional supplies that offers two devices in on

Power | 18-09-2020

4U rack unit integrates auto-ranging DC supply with energy-recovering DC load

Intepro Systems offers its Model PSB 10000 30KW programmable digital power supply/load. The PSB 10000 Series is a microprocessor-controlled bi-directional supply that provides two

Power | 31-01-2020

EV/HEV battery test system uses regenerative technology for energy recovery

Intepro Systems offers their advanced benchtop/rack mount Procyon Battery Test System for engineering design and production testing of high-performance electro mobility battery pac

Products | 26-10-2018

High power regenerative DC load ideal for facilities in multiple global locations

Intepro Systems has introduced the ELR 9000 HP Series of regenerative, programmable electronic DC loads. This latest version of the series is designed to accommodate three-phase ma

Products | 05-07-2017

New programmable AC power source includes DC output capability

Intepro Systems has introduced the AFV-P Series of precision, programmable AC/DC power sources. The compact rack-mounted units are available in four power levels – 600VA, 1250VA a

Products | 30-01-2017

New generation of DC electronic load reduces rack space by half

Intepro Systems has introduced the EL 9000 B Series of electronic DC loads. The EL 9000 B Series is offered in 15 models with rated peak power from 1,200W to 7,200W. The new “B” Se

Test & Measurement | 18-12-2015

New 3KW DC power source offers high-end features from a 2U low-profile unit

Intepro Systems has introduced the PSI 9000, a new 2U high programmable DC power source, providing a 1-3KW supply with a feature set typically found in higher power 3U systems. The

Power | 12-11-2015