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Electropages are amongst the first to receive the latest Microchip Technology component news. Microchip Technology is is a leading supplier of field-programmable embedded control solutions by manufacturing the popular PIC® microcontrollers; a broad spectrum of innovative analog products; and related non-volatile memory products. For more up to date information about Microchip Technology you can follow the company on: 

Solution makes it easier to design an OBC solutions

The market for BEVs and PHEVs continues to grow as the push towards decarbonisation requires sustainable solutions to reduce emissions. A critical application for EVs is the OBC, w

Power | 12-06-2024

Extension system for migrating to a modern synchronisation and timing systems architecture

Microchip Technology has announced the new TimeProvider XT Extension System, a fan-out shelf used with redundant TimeProvider 4100 grandmasters to migrate legacy BITS/SSU equipment

Test & Measurement | 10-06-2024

Radiation-tolerant MCU portfolio for the aerospace and defence market

Microchip Technology has announced the SAMD21RT, a radiation-tolerant (RT) Arm Cortex-M0+ based 32-bit MCU in a 64-pin ceramic and plastic package with 128KB Flash and 16KB SRAM. D

Semiconductors | 29-05-2024

Radiation-tolerant power converters provide high-reliability solution for space applications

The LEO market is rapidly growing as private and public entities alike explore the new space region for everything from 5G communication and cube satellites to IoT applications. Th

Power | 17-05-2024

Radiation-tolerant SoC FPGAs for space applications

Microchip Technology has launched the RT PolarFire SoC FPGA, which ensures high performance, reliability, power efficiency, and best-in-class security for emerging space domain thr

Semiconductors | 14-05-2024

Easily include embedded security using MCU with hardware security module

New legislation taking effect in 2024, mandates stricter conditions on cybersecurity on everything from consumer IoT devices to critical infrastructure. Fulfilling these new securi

Semiconductors | 10-05-2024

Touchscreen controller family expanded with additional security features

The increased number of EVs on the road requires the necessary charging infrastructure to expand to meet the demand. Adding credit card payment options to EV chargers is becoming a

Automotive & Transport | 08-05-2024

Power solution simplifies aviation’s transition to more electric aircraft

To provide the aviation industry with a comprehensive electric actuation solution, Microchip Technology has announced a new integrated actuation power solution that combines compan

Power | 26-04-2024

Embedded designers easily implement USB functionality into a wider range of systems

Microchip Technology has launched the AVR DU family of MCUs. As the next generation of its 8-bit MCUs to integrate USB connectivity, the AVR DU family is designed to deliver enhanc

Semiconductors | 18-04-2024

Serial SRAM portfolio expanded to larger densities and increased speeds

To manage a common customer demand for bigger and faster SRAM, Microchip Technology has expanded its Serial SRAM product line to include larger densities of up to 4Mb and increased

Industrial | 11-04-2024

Integrated motor drivers bring controllers and gate drivers with communications to single device

Microchip Technology has released a new family of dsPIC DSC-based integrated motor drivers. These devices include a dsPIC33 DSC, a three-phase MOSFET gate driver, and an optional L

Power | 29-02-2024

High-voltage SiC-based power modules simplify and speed system integration

Microchip Technology has introduced the 3.3kV XIFM plug-and-play mSiC gate driver with patented Augmented Switching technology, designed to work out-of-the-box with preconfigured m

Power | 23-02-2024

Development platform helps students and seasoned designers work with emerging technologies

Microchip Technology has released the PolarFire SoC Discovery Kit. Providing a user-friendly, feature-rich development kit for embedded processing and compute acceleration makes em

Test & Measurement | 21-02-2024

Hardware timekeeping platform provides high-speed network interfaces

Microchip Technology has announced the new TimeProvider 4500 grandmaster, a hardware timekeeping platform that provides high-speed network interfaces up to 25Gbps and allows precis

Test & Measurement | 19-02-2024