Free configurator puts the power of full core customisation into hands of customers

Semidynamics now offers its new tool, ‘Configurator,’ which puts the power of its full customisation of a RISC-V processor core in the hands of the customer. It uses dozens of blocks that have already been verified by the company, so the fi

Semidynamics | 11-03-2024

Debugger and performance analyser now available for Windows on Arm

SEGGER has announced that its debugger and performance analyser, Ozone, is now available for Windows on Arm. With the existing binaries for Windows on Intel, for macOS on Intel and Apple Silicon, and the Linux builds, the analyser now ru

Segger | 05-03-2024

MQTT protocol sets new standard for connectivity and security

The Secure Integration Server (SIS) from Softing Industrial now supports the MQTT protocol. This improves connectivity and security for data integration in IT/OT cloud applications. MQTT delivers enhanced security and connectivity features

Softing | 21-02-2024

Automated electronic product design service launched

ByteSnap Design has launched its Automated Electronic Product Design Service, which takes a specification and turns it into a market-ready solution with minimal input from in-house design teams. Undertaking new product development projec

ByteSnap | 16-02-2024

Calculator assists in enhancing battery life optimisation

Nexperia has released the Energy Balance Calculator – a powerful web-based tool designed to assist battery management engineers in maximising the battery life of their applications. The calculator facilitates the integration of the company'

Nexperia | 12-02-2024

Further expansion for embedded data computing

ITTIA has announced the availability of ITTIA DB IoT, a member of the ITTIA DB product family, for STM32U5, STM32H7 and STM32H5 MCUs. The company is an ST Authorised Partner, and ITTIA DB for the STM32 family offers robust real-time data ma

ITTIA | 09-02-2024

Industry's first accelerated digital twin delivers performance and energy efficiency

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. has announced the Cadence Millennium Enterprise Multiphysics Platform, the industry’s first hardware/software (HW/SW) accelerated digital twin solution for multiphysics system design and analysis. Aimed at one o

Cadence | 08-02-2024

Addressing skills shortage at electronics manufacturing technician level

Organised by a global association and leading industrial companies, this first-of-its-kind event addresses skills shortage. The companies include: IPCs are recognised as the worldwide standards authority for electronics manufacturing. Ad

Advanced Rework Technology | 08-02-2024

Update enables developers to bring circuits to life

MikroElektronika (MIKROE) has released version 6.0 of NECTO Studio, the company’s complete, cross-platform IDE for embedded applications. The latest version provides six new major features, including an enhanced graphics library with a bran

Mikroelektronika | 07-02-2024

ECAD/MCAD convergence for electronic systems with new AI thermal platform

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. now offers Cadence Celsius Studio, the industry's first complete AI thermal design and analysis solution for electronic systems. The solution addresses thermal analysis and thermal stress for 2.5D and 3D-ICs and

Cadence | 06-02-2024

Companies team up to deliver superior AV device management

ViewSonic Corp. has announced an enhanced partnership with Crestron Electronics Inc. Following the certification of ViewSonic's ViewBoard IFP62 series of interactive displays and CDE30 series of presentation displays on the Crestron Connect

ViewSonic | 06-02-2024

C++ headers added to safety qualification suite

Solid Sands has announced it has added a collection of C++ headers to its SuperGuard Library Safety Qualification Suite. SuperGuard is a requirements-based test suite for C and C++ standard libraries with full traceability between needs der

Solid Sands | 06-02-2024

SMT analytics software with expert know-how

The new SMT Analytics software from ASMPT evaluates the SMT process in detail by identifying and locating problematic aspects that often go unnoticed and can lead to shortfalls in efficiency and performance. The innovative software enables

ASMPT | 02-02-2024

Simplifying system consolidation by integrating a hypervisor on x86 COMs

congatec now includes the hypervisor in all of its new x86 COMs. The hypervisor is available as a straightforward addition to the company's x86-based COMs. The hypervisor will be implemented in firmware and standard on all its x86 COMs, aut

Congatec | 02-02-2024