Optimised tests on test benches with new execution platform

Vector has introduced the real-time execution platform VN8917. The platform, which comprises a high-performance base device and various interface plug-in modules, optimises tests w

Test & Measurement | 14-06-2024

Cooperation delivers best-in-class solution for safe systems in SDVs

Vector is collaborating with QNX that will pave the way to ASIL D for SDV. Within the collaboration, Vector supplies a QNX operating system integration, the corresponding interface

Automotive & Transport | 11-06-2024

Cooperation paves the way for autonomous driving

A key necessity for autonomous driving and x-by-wire systems is the correct timing of fail-operational systems. Coordinated software tools and close cooperation between Vector and

Automotive & Transport | 18-04-2024

High availability embedded software enables dependable automated driving

Vector now provides embedded software for ECUs that satisfies the highest safety requirements according to ISO 26262 and reaches far beyond the usual market standards. The software

Automotive & Transport | 25-01-2024

New standard offers the next speed level for automotive Ethernet interfaces

Vector now supports the IEEE standards for Automotive Ethernet 2.5GBASE-T1, 5GBASE-T1 and 10GBASE-T1 in its VN5650 and VN5240 Automotive Ethernet interfaces. Users can initially co

Test & Measurement | 18-01-2024

E-mobility portfolio supports NACS in development and operation

Vector Informatik now provides full functionality according to the North American Charging Standard (NACS). Many vehicle manufacturers use the NACS in North America. Vehicle manufa

Test & Measurement | 04-08-2023

Ethernet interfaces for 10BASE-T1S standard now available

Vector now supports the 10BASE-T1S standard in its VN5650 and VN5240 automotive Ethernet interfaces. The company's existing Ethernet interfaces can also be swiftly upgraded to 10BA

Test & Measurement | 07-07-2023

Calibration data solution now offered as software-as-a-service

Vector's calibration data solution vCDM 21.1 is now available as software-as-a-service at the push of a button. Collaboration within teams is easier, and investment costs are lower

Industrial | 19-01-2023

New multi-gig Ethernet adapter for portable use

Vector presents its compact multi-gig USB-to-Ethernet adapter VN5601. The adapter is not just high performing; its compact dimensions make it ideal for portable use and provide an

Industrial | 16-12-2022

Integration of massive virtual test drives into DevOps workflows

Vector has introduced Release 7 of DYNA4. The new release facilitates the adaption of DevOps workflows in modern vehicle control software development. With its ability to generate

Software | 05-12-2022

Simplifying analysis of charging communication with new hardware device

With the 'CCS Listener' VH5110A, Vector has simplified the analysis of CCS charging communication. Charging station manufacturers and operators, and automobile manufacturers benefi

Test & Measurement | 19-10-2022

Cost-effective solution focuses on OBD diagnostics

With version 9 of the automotive diagnostic tester Indigo, Vector provides more convenience in diagnostics over IP (DoIP) and more onboard diagnostics (OBD) functionality. With the

Design & Manufacture | 18-08-2022

ISO 15118-20 functionality available in controller software

Vector contributes its electric charging expertise to diverse committees and actively participates in the ISO 15118 20 of the International Organization for Standardization. Featur

Automotive & Transport | 22-06-2022

Autosar-capable ethernet switches brought to the automotive industry

Vector has created the first Autosar-capable Ethernet switch powered by Marvell's Brightlane solution. The software implemented in the switch's CPU follows the AUTOSAR methodology

Automotive & Transport | 24-05-2022