SVG support added to embedded graphic library

SEGGER has introduced support for SVG in emWin, equipping developers with a powerful and efficient solution for rendering scalable and rotatable graphics in embedded applications. SVG is a vector-based image format written in XML. It is

Segger | 29-01-2024

High availability embedded software enables dependable automated driving

Vector now provides embedded software for ECUs that satisfies the highest safety requirements according to ISO 26262 and reaches far beyond the usual market standards. The software provides reliable operation and is particularly suited to a

Vector | 25-01-2024

New meeting space solutions and software with video and collaboration solutions

ViewSonic Corp. has announced expanding its Workspace Solutions to include innovative video conferencing and collaboration solutions. The new ViewSonic Meeting Space Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms and TeamWork software is designed to im

ViewSonic | 24-01-2024

New apps with first four-state emulation and mixed-signal modelling accelerates SoC verification

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. offers a new portfolio of applications that greatly improve the capabilities of its flagship Palladium Z2 Enterprise Emulation System. These domain-specific apps enable customers to manage increasing system desi

Cadence | 24-01-2024

New solutions offer one IDE for Arm and RISC-V

SEGGER has announced the new Embedded Studio – V8.10. This cutting-edge, multi-platform IDE now also supports multiple architectures with a single setup. The same software can build and debug programs for RISC-V and Arm targets. A single

Segger | 16-01-2024

Bringing generative AI capabilities to edge devices

Ambarella, Inc. announced during CES that it demonstrates multi-modal large language models (LLMs) running on its new N1 SoC series at a fraction of the power-per-inference of leading GPU solutions. It aims to bring generative AI – a transf

Ambarella | 11-01-2024

Simplifying rapid production programming of SD cards and eMMC

SEGGER’s FAT Image Creator is a production utility that prepares a FAT file system for rapidly programming embedded or removable media in production. The FAT Image Creator constructs a complete file system while keeping the images as sma

Segger | 11-01-2024

Partnership provides improved predictive maintenance solutions for the automotive industry

Infineon Technologies AG and Aurora Labs have revealed a new set of AI-based solutions to enhance critical automotive components' long-term reliability and safety, including steering, braking and airbags. The companies have teamed to delive

Infineon | 10-01-2024

Collaboration using software containers to accelerate embedded platform development

The new NXP Semiconductors Platform Accelerator, co-developed with MicroEJ, uses software containers with standard APIs to bring smartphone-like software design flexibility to the industrial and IoT edge, allowing a considerable reduction i

NXP | 08-01-2024

USB-C PD turns the cable connection into smart tech

SEGGER's emUSB-C PD is an embedded software library for PD protocol management. With emUSB-C PD, the software can actively manage cable connections. This assists embedded system developers in meeting the necessity of an upcoming EU mandate.

Segger | 03-01-2024

Cloud-based environment accelerates automotive AI development and evaluation

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a new cloud-based development environment today to streamline the software design process for automotive AI engineers. The new platform, AI Workbench, is an integrated virtual development environ

Renesas | 28-12-2023

Full software stack for autonomous and semi-autonomous driving

Ambarella, Inc. has announced its AD software stack, which is mainly based on deep learning AI processing for all of its modular components, including environmental perception, sensor fusion and vehicle path planning. This leading-edge AD s

Ambrella, Inc. | 19-12-2023

Class-leading enhancements to JPEG decode for MCU

SEGGER offers hand-optimised extensions to their JPEG decode firmware to optimise IDCT calculations based on the Arm Helium extension available in the new Renesas RA8D1 MCU group, built on the Arm Cortex-M85 processor. The new firmware e

Segger | 19-12-2023

Adding SiC and IGBTs creates industry’s largest library of LTspice models

ROHM has expanded the library of SPICE model lineup for LTspice of its circuit simulator. LTspice is supplied with circuit diagram capture and waveform viewer functions that enable designers to check and verify in advance whether the circui

ROHM Semiconductor | 12-12-2023