SMT analytics software with expert know-how

The new SMT Analytics software from ASMPT evaluates the SMT process in detail by identifying and locating problematic aspects that often go unnoticed and can lead to shortfalls in

Industrial | 02-02-2024

Combining high placement accuracy with short cycle times and innovative bonding

With its new version of the AMICRA NOVA Pro, ASMPT offers one of the most advanced die-bonding systems. The platform combines high placement accuracy, short cycle times, and innova

Test & Measurement | 23-01-2024

High-speed camera production system has lens assembly and alignment in one

CMAT-S is an all-in-one system for assembling and dynamically aligning lenses in ADAS cameras. With this machine, ASMPT AEi presents a powerful implementation of its patented Conti

Test & Measurement | 08-12-2023

Flexible platform combines SMT assembly and die processing

The SIPLACE TX micron answers the challenges manufacturers face in SiP production. The flexible platform incorporates the speed of SMT assembly with the complexity of die processin

Semiconductors | 06-12-2023

AI-based expert system offers support for all activities in electronics production

ASMPT now offers Virtual Assist, an AI-based expert system that supports all onboarding, service, and maintenance activities in electronics production. The software-as-a-service, w

AI | 27-01-2023

New solder paste printer provides more flexibility

DEK TQ series from ASMPT provides precision, processing speed and floorspace performance. For even more flexibility in the processing of large circuit boards, the new model, the DE

Subs & Systems | 22-08-2022