Adapter board for radar-based applications in distance measurement and people detection

Reliable solutions for distance measurement and people and surface detection play a key role in IoT applications. Here, there is a strong demand for smaller and lower-power radars. With the RAB3, the experts from Rutronik System Solutions a

Rutronik | 21-05-2024

Pressure sensor delivers long-term stability for liquid measurement applications

Mouser now stocks the TE Connectivity/Measurement Specialties MS5849 board mount pressure sensor. Designed to supply precise digital 24-bit pressure and temperature values, the pressure sensor provides multiple operation modes that enable t

Mouser Electronics | 20-05-2024

New distribution agreement delivers reliable and durable interconnect solutions

New Yorker Electronics has announced a new franchised distribution agreement with Major League Electronics, which offers an extremely wide range of PCB connectors, including pin headers, sockets, IDC cables/connectors and micro connectors f

New Yorker Electronics | 10-05-2024

Innovative connectors beyond the standard

Although standard products from the binder portfolio suit most applications, they may only fit some. In these cases, the Neckarsulm-based manufacturer's solution expertise comes into play in the form of exclusive connectors perfectly tailor

Binder | 09-05-2024

Round flat cable jumpers deliver flexibility and performance for demanding applications

Mouser now stocks Molex's Premo-Flex round flat cable (RFC) jumpers. These jumpers allow designers and OEMs to maximise limited PCB space and lower component costs by eliminating the necessity for connectors or wire stripping while providin

Mouser Electronics | 08-05-2024

High-brightness display with glove-touch has tough 3mm glass

Inelco Hunter now offers the new Powertip PH800480T030-ZHR06, a high-resolution, high-brightness, glove-touch 5" display featuring rugged 3mm screen glass. The touch display is especially suited to outdoor environments where a bright, ru

Inelcohunter | 07-05-2024

Low audible noise medical and industrial power supplies

TDK Corporation has introduced the TDK-Lambda brand CUS800M and CUS1000M AC/DC power supply series in a 6.73" x 3.35" x 1.67" (171mm x 85mm x 42.5mm) case size. Rated at up to 800W and 1000W, these very compact products also provide a varia

TDK | 03-05-2024

Liquid flow sensor for medical and food industry applications

Mouser now stocks the Sensiron LD20-2600B liquid flow sensor. The device is a highly accurate, single-use, streamlined sensor for high-volume medical, life-science or food industry applications. The device is a high-performance liquid fl

Mouser Electronics | 02-05-2024

UWB antennas facilitate reliable low-power and high-speed communication

Amphenol RF announced the expansion of its emerging antenna portfolio with various UWB antenna options. UWB antennas can cover frequencies from 3.1GHz to 10.6GHz. These antennas deliver extremely high accuracy in location tracking, often wi

Amphenol | 02-05-2024

World's first industrial motherboard compatible with Intel processors

DFI has announced two of the world's first Industrial MicroATX motherboards to support Intel Core 12th, 13th, and 14th (Alder Lake-S, Raptor Lake-S and Raptor Lake-S Refresh) Gen Processors. "With support for the latest Intel Core proces

DFI | 01-05-2024

Blue and true green LEDs in miniLED package deliver high brightness in a small size

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced new blue and true green surface-mount LEDs in the ultra-compact MiniLED package. Measuring 2.2mm x 1.3mm x 1.4mm, the Vishay Semiconductors VLMB2332T1U2-08 and VLMTG2332ABCA-08 use the latest ultr

Vishay Intertechnology | 30-04-2024

Microcontroller delivers high-performance motor control

Mouser now stocks the RA8T1 Arm Cortex-M85 MCU from Renesas Electronics. This MCU meets modern motor control demands, providing high performance, low power consumption, and intelligent operation. It supplies precise motor control for applic

Mouser Electronics | 23-04-2024

High-performance FPGA accelerates embedded design

This high-performance FPGA product is ideal for highly integrated circuits within the Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA series, engineered for adaptability and superior performance across myriad embedded system applications. The FPGA is adept at handling

WIN SOURCE | 22-04-2024

Medical and industrial power supply series extended with five extra output voltages

TDK Corporation announces additional output voltage models to the 250W-rated TDK-Lambda brand CUS250M series of power supplies in the industry standard 2” x 4” footprint. The full range now covers 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 28V, 36V and 48V and is

TDK | 19-04-2024