Wireless microcontroller provides easy wireless connectivity

Mouser now stocks the SimpleLink CC2674R10 wireless microcontroller from Texas Instruments. The controller is a multiprotocol and multi-band 24GHz wireless MCU. This device supports Thread, Zigbee, Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy, IEEE 802.15.4

Mouser Electronics | 25-03-2024

Ultra-flat and cost-efficient wire-to-board solutions are reliable solution

Provertha is expanding its range of WireClips, which allow reliable wire-to-board connections, with new ultra-low-profile WireClips. They greatly reduce space needs with an ultra-flat installation height of 2.3mm. Thanks to their special ge

Provertha | 25-03-2024

Upgraded IR transceiver modules with longer link distance and improved ESD robustness

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has upgraded its TFBS4xx and TFDU4xx series of IR transceiver modules for IrDA applications to offer 20% longer link distance and improved ESD robustness to 2kV. With support for data rates up to 115.2kbit/s (SI

Vishay | 20-03-2024

Load switch ICs offer excellent performance with ultra-low consumption

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Littelfuse's LQ050XX integrated load switch ICs, available now from Rutronik, offer the industry's highest performance with ultra-low power consumption. They make it feasible to lower parasitic lea

Rutronik | 20-03-2024

New interactive content series explores the future of miniaturisation in technology

Mouser has announced a new interactive content series in collaboration with Molex. 'The Future of Miniaturization in Technology' features articles, videos, and an infographic examining the forefront of miniaturisation trends shaping our con

Mouser Electronics | 19-03-2024

4K high-resolution OLED display features impressive optical performance

Review Display Systems has introduced a new (UHD) 15.6" active-matrix OLED display. The CH156ZLXEWN-001 features 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution, a 16:9 wide aspect ratio, and an impressive optical performance specification. The 15.6"

Review Display | 18-03-2024

New IP68 rated models added to DC fans line

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group has added IP68-rated fan models to its line of DC axial fans. These waterproof DC fans supply complete protection against moisture and dust, making them excellent for harsh environments such as refriger

CUI Devices | 18-03-2024

Empowering designers to expedite their Windows on Arm software development

Mouser now stocks the EPC-R3720 Edge AI Box Windows on Arm Dev Kit from Advantech. The solution evaluates the high-performance, power-efficient, and compact-sized EPC-R3720 Edge AI box for its full functionalities and features. The Edge

Mouser Electronics | 15-03-2024

Expanded range of 14th-generation Intel Core desktop processors

Intel's 16 new Intel Core desktop processors deliver many options that are ideal for mainstream PC users and businesses in various vertical markets. With the expanded portfolio, there is now a processor in each price category to meet the sp

Rutronik | 14-03-2024

Harsh environment battery connector series expanded

Kyocera AVX has expanded its robust and extremely user-friendly 9155-800 Series vertical-mate, 2mm-pitch battery connectors with seven- and eight-position models to meet customer demand for higher signal and current capabilities. These new

Kyocera AVX | 14-03-2024

Display card revolutionises medical displays

Cervoz has unveiled its groundbreaking M.2 2280 LVDS Display Card, MEC-DIS-271L. Available through FORTEC UK, the display card is engineered to heighten display capabilities not only in medical applications but across a spectrum of industri

FORTEC United Kingdom | 13-03-2024

New SBC introduced for high performance in edge computing

FORTEC Integrated offers the new IB961 SBC from iBASE. It is equipped with powerful Raptor Lake Intel Core processors, offering 4 to 6 performance cores and 4 to 8 efficiency cores depending on the version. Thomas Schrefel, product manag

FORTEC United Kingdom | 11-03-2024

Deserialiser hub for machine vision and robotic imaging applications

Mouser now supplies Texas Instruments' TDES9640 V3Link deserialiser hub. The hub connects up to four data sensors to a processing unit over a coaxial or STP cable. When combined with companion serialisers, the hub receives video data from i

Mouser Electronics | 08-03-2024

New medical and industrial power supplies offer 520W peak power

Luso Electronic Products offers the Enedo Power MDP520 and DDP520 series of power supplies, which can deliver a long-lasting 520W peak and steady 460W power in a 3" x 5" open frame footprint. A protective cage is also available to ease i

Luso Electronics | 08-03-2024