New light curable adhesives for wearable consumer electronics

Intertronics has introduced the Dymax 9200-W Series of next-generation light curable encapsulants and structural and optical-positioning adhesives. The range is created with low-se

Industrial | 01-08-2023

New LED UV adhesive evaluation kit for medical device assembly

To assist medical device manufacturers in evaluating whether LED UV curing adhesives suit their design and assembly process, adhesives specialist Intertronics has released a new UV

Test & Measurement | 28-06-2023

Guide to robot ROI whitepaper available now

Assisting UK manufacturers to create a business case for investing in robots, Intertronics has published a new whitepaper, 'Achieving ROI with robotics'. Based on in-house expertis

Electromechanical | 06-12-2022

New moisture-resistant cyanoacrylate adhesive for high humidity environments

Intertronics now offers Bond2Bond Aquafast, a new single-part, 'instant' adhesive ideal for environments with high humidity. The adhesive is a low odour, low bloom, medium-viscosit

Industrial | 04-11-2022

Company supports university with 3D printed bioelectronics research

When the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) at The University of Sheffield was looking for a way to accurately 3D print bioelectronic sensors, it reques

Test & Measurement | 28-07-2022

New conveniently packaged polyurethane potting compound

The new IRS3078 Polyurethane Potting Compound is available from Intertronics. The material is packaged in side-by-side cartridges, making it ideal for customers with small volume r

Subs & Systems | 03-08-2021

Low-odour, low-bloom light-curable cyanoacrylate adhesive

Intertronics has announced Born2Bond Light Lock, a unique low-odour, low bloom, dual-curing cyanoacrylate adhesive (CA). Intended for an extensive range of bonding applications tha

Subs & Systems | 15-03-2021

Compact benchtop dispensing system for silicones, polyurethanes and epoxies

Intertronics now offers the 2-K-DOS metering, mixing and dispensing system. The systems is a compact, benchtop system ideal for materials including silicones, polyurethanes and epo

Subs & Systems | 25-01-2021

Vision system for dispensing precision

To assist manufacturers reach high levels of dispensing precision, even on inconsistent parts, Intertronics now supplies the FIS F4000AKIT-VISION Camera Vision System. The device i

Subs & Systems | 11-09-2020

New fluid dispenser improves manual processes

Intertronics has launched the Fisnar DC50 digital dispense controller. This user-friendly liquid dispensing machine is intended for employment in benchtop applications. The control

Subs & Systems | 01-09-2020

Developing electronic textiles with UV curing

Intertronics supported the Advanced Textiles Research Group (ATRG) at Nottingham Trent University to produce electronic textiles that add functionality to garments and materials. A

Subs & Systems | 07-08-2020

Small effective handheld plasma treatment device

Intertronics offers what is claimed to be the world's smallest plasma handheld device, the piezobrush PZ3. The device efficiently employs cold atmospheric pressure plasma for the s

Subs & Systems | 14-07-2020

LED driver with input over voltage protection for challenging power conditions

Inventronics has released the new EAM-150S105SB. This LED driver leverages the company's latest platform design with special modifications, particularly for the Indian market and t

Lighting Technologies | 26-11-2019

Tin-free silicone avoids conflicting chemistries and speeds assembly time

Wacker Elastosil N9111 available from Intertronics is a tin-free single part RTV silicone adhesive sealant, with neutral cure chemistry, offering a non-corrosive seal that does not

Products | 21-08-2018