New dual output PoE open frame power supply certified to the latest ITE standards

There has been an increase in the usage of applications relying on the IoT and various smart scenarios (such as smart factories, smart transportation, and image recognition systems

Power | 28-06-2024

Compact ITE grade AC/DC switching power supply

TRUMPower has released its 65W low profile open frame AC/DC power supplies. The TC65 series addresses a demand for compact convection-cooled AC/DC switching power supplies for gene

Power | 24-10-2023

Latest fanless ultra-compact GaN FET AC/DC power adapter

TRUMPower has integrated its GaN technology to power its latest 450W power adapter series, the TGM450. The power supplies have an average efficiency of up to 95% and meet the need

Power | 25-08-2023

Medical-grade power supply provides peak power capability

Tumbler Technologies, Inc + TRUMPower has released its new TMPC-700G, a 700W medical grade AC/DC power supply. This ATX PC power supply is supplied in a standard size of 165mm x 15

Power | 03-02-2023

Fanless medical and ITE grade power adapters suitable for BF rated applications

Tumbler Technologies + TRUMPower has released its TMA400 desktop power adapter series. The power supplies offer a touch current of less than 100µA at 264VAC and withstand voltages

Power | 28-09-2022

Versatile AC/DC power supply has dual medical and ITE safety approvals

Tumbler Technologies, Inc. + TRUMPower has added the BF rated TIM250-S series power supply, able to deliver 250W of output power at 18CFM forced air, to its AC/DC switching power s

Power | 29-03-2022

Medical-grade desktop adapter equipped with AC power cord retention clip option

TRUMPower announces its low profile TPM120 power adapter series designed to meet home healthcare safety standards for class II models. The series can be accessorised with AC power

Power | 04-02-2022

New multiple output power adapters offer high reliability

Tumbler Technologies and TRUMPower has introduced its new TMA180 180W power adapter series, which is supplied in a slim profile of 7.87” (L) x 3.54” (W) x 1.73” (H) and is offered

Power | 01-11-2021

Compact GaN FET power adapter certified for home healthcare use

TRUMPower has launched its TGM250 GaN FET-based power adapter series, targeting medical applications necessitating efficient electrical power conversion in a 50% smaller form facto

Power | 11-10-2021

Ultra-compact GaN FET AC/DC power adapter meets latest standards

TRUMPower has introduced its new TTG250 GaN FET based power adapter series, which meets the demand for compact 250W solutions for ITE applications by utilising GaN FET technology t

Power | 08-09-2021

GaN FET AC/DC power adapter enabling 50% size reduction

Tumbler Technologies + TRUMPower has launched its new TTG300 GaN FET-based power adapter series, which delivers a power density greater than 9.1W/cubic inch. This new line addresse

Power | 26-07-2021

BF-rated medical/ITE power supplies in compact size

Tumbler Technologies + TRUMPower has updated its line-up of AC/DC switching power supplies with the TWM150 series. The power supply can deliver 100W of continuous output power at c

Power | 20-05-2021

Medical grade wall mount adapter meets IP22 standards

TRUMPower has released its new TM30W wall mount adapter series for medical applications. The power supply is offered with interchangeable AC plugs, which allow flexibility to move

Power | 24-02-2021

Ultra-compact power adapter utilises GaN technology

TRUMPower has added the new GaN FET TTG160 power adapter series, which is aimed at industrial and ITE applications needing efficient electrical power conversion, to its lineup. The

Power | 22-09-2020