ODU Connectors

Small quantity overmoulding for medical technology

ODU develops total systems and standard connectors for medical applications from MRI devices to endoscopy, developed to the strictest regulations and applicable standards. In appli

Industrial | 20-11-2023

End-to-end connectivity for next-generation soldiers

In the new age of defence, the more battlefield data available to field commanders, the better. If the real-time position of every soldier is known, as well as the exact status of

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 06-10-2023

Ergonomic connector handling with spindle locking

Sometimes, a good technical solution needs to deliver the best connector, particularly in modular rectangular connectors.  While quick and secure locking is essential, the usual le

Industrial | 26-07-2023

High-performance defence connector features three locking modes

ODU AMC SERIES T connectors are designed for defence and security applications, providing three compatible plug locking options: Push-Pull, Break-Away and Thread-Lock - all fitting

Industrial | 17-07-2023

State-of-the-art technologies for automotive testing

Targets from the Paris Climate Agreement demand that the world's industrialised countries massively decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Most vehicle manufacturers worldwide have lau

Automotive & Transport | 21-06-2023

Single use versus limited use medical connectors

ODU has published a new downloadable technical white paper on the question of single-use and limited-use medical connectors. Equipment employed in hospitals and at emergency sites

Industrial | 03-05-2023

New connector products with robust metal housing and breakaway function

ODU-UK Ltd will be exhibiting at Ocean Business Technology Exhibition, meeting with old and new customers. Many new products will be displayed, including the recent additions to th

Industrial | 13-04-2023

New partnership initiative supports connectors and cable assemblies

ODU-UK Ltd has announced they have joined an extended partnership with their distributor Genalog Ltd to better supply the UK market with connectors and cable assemblies. The compan

Industrial | 04-04-2023

Connectors supply the highest quality across all industries

The ODU Group, as a leading connector supplier, pursues a constant quality strategy that encloses all stages of the development and production processes and all company divisions.

Industrial | 13-03-2023

Digital options for simple connector configuration

Designers face a wide range of options when designing interfaces for their product. The choices are almost limitless, whether for electrical signal, power, fibre optics, an alterna

Industrial | 10-02-2023

Electronics equipment innovations on display with latest additions

ODU-UK Ltd is meeting-up with customers old and new at the Southern Manufacturing Show. Many new products will be displayed, including the latest additions to the company and the M

Industrial | 31-01-2023

Silicone overmoulded assemblies ideal for high currents and temperatures

ODU provides individual, silicone-overmoulded assemblies of connectors and certified silicone cables with optional laser marking in accordance with UDI. In applications facing high

Industrial | 27-01-2023

Push-pull circular connectors saves time and simplifies risk management

The ODU push-pull circular connector portfolio, ODU MINI-SNAP, has a robust metal housing and many configuration options with up to 500 autoclavable cycles. It has undergone furthe

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 08-07-2021

New single pair Ethernet for automotive connections

The ODU MINI-SNAP for single pair Ethernet (SPE) allows Ethernet connections by copper cables with a single twisted wire pair while providing for the voltage supply of terminal dev

Automotive & Transport | 18-02-2021