Lighting Technologies

UVC emitting diodes offer higher radiant power at a lower cost

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc has released two new UVC (short wavelength ultraviolet) emitting diodes in a ceramic/quartz-based package for sterilisation in medical, industrial, and consumer applications. Compared to past-generation solutions

Vishay | 28-09-2022

Ready-to-be mounted track sensors for lighting track installations

Helvar has a new series of six 32XTR Tracksensors that increase the variety of possible applications and design opportunities for system sensors and speed up the installation and usage flexibility. It has teamed up with Unipro to create

Helvar | 05-09-2022

Opto-coupler added to a range of high voltage components and converters

HVM has added a 10kV-rated optocoupler to their range of high voltage components and DC-DC converters. The range is available now from Luso Electronics. The OPTO-100-05 is a miniature 10kV rated high voltage optocoupler which integrates

Luso | 25-08-2022

Robust multicoloured sealed LED panel indicators

MARL has extended its industrial and defence range with an exceptionally robust, high-intensity RGB, multi-colour LED panel indicator. Designated as the 525 Series, this RGB panel indicator emits a range of individually addressable LED colo

Anglia | 12-08-2022

Four chip LEDs optimised for forward lighting applications

ams OSRAM OSLON Black Flat X KW4 HPL631.TK LEDs, available now from Mouser, are high-performance four-chip light-emitting diodes optimised for forward lighting applications. These high-efficiency LEDs provide up to 2115lm at 1000mA, making

Mouser Electronics | 11-08-2022

Global distribution deal provides innovative photonics and optoelectronics solutions

Mouser provides a new global distribution agreement with Advanced Photonix, a division of OSI Optoelectronics. Advanced Photonix. The company is a global provider of innovative photonics, optoelectronics, and advanced electronic systems del

Mouser Electronics | 08-08-2022

LED matrix manager features an internal clock and EEPROM

The Texas Instruments TPS92664 16-channel, low-noise LED matrix manager device provides fully dynamic adaptive lighting solutions by enabling individual pixel-level LED control. The device incorporates four sub-strings of four series connec

Texas Instruments | 01-08-2022

Colour LEDs deliver a wide variety of spectral options

Cree LED Colour LEDs, available now from Mouser, offer a wide range of spectral options for general and speciality lighting applications. These LEDs provide a small package size, low power consumption and are application-optimised to facili

Mouser Electronics | 27-07-2022

Reflective optical sensor saves space and delivers improved performance

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc offers a new AEC-Q101 qualified reflective optical sensor for automotive, smart home, industrial, and office applications. Providing a lower profile than previous-generation solutions – while providing improved p

Vishay | 15-07-2022

LED driver is AEC-Q100 automotive qualified with ‘wettable flanks’

RECOM has extended its product range further with automotive-qualified parts to its RPY-1.5Q: a high-efficiency, cost-effective, 1.5A-rated LED driver. Satisfying the requirements of AEC-Q100 with optional ‘wettable flanks’ for AOI, the pro

Recom International | 06-07-2022

Multi-topology LED controllers designed for LED lights with high brightness

Monolithic Power Systems MPQ2484 Multi-Topology LED Controllers, available now from Mouser, are flexible, asynchronous, and designed for LED lights with high brightness. The MPQ2484 offers buck, boost, and buck-boost configurations, excelle

Mouser Electronics | 20-06-2022

Tri-colour LED series delivers high brightness for smart devices and more

New Yorker Electronics now offers Inolux Corporation two new Side View RGB High-Brightness SMD LED series. The IN-S85TxS5R5G5B LEDs are 5V, 25mA tri-colour devices in PCB-type moulding with a compact 0805 1.1mm package to provide excellent

New Yorker Electronics | 01-06-2022

Integrating lighting controllers within modular AV management platform

Pharos Architectural Controls Limited has integrated Pharos lighting controllers within the ISAAC Ecosystem, Smart Monkeys' modular AV management platform. Pharos is a scalable system of embedded lighting control hardware, custom-develop

Pharos Architectural Controls | 28-04-2022

Innovative AWG cascade technology for next-generation WDM applications

Broadex Technologies has launched its new AWG Cascade technology. The products comprise two synchronised AWGs arranged in series on a single chip, produces ultra-low insertion loss, flat-top bandpass shape and single-mode output. The fir

Broadex Technologies | 25-04-2022

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