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New 150W and 300W half brick DC-DCs released

A new 300W-rated half-brick DC-DC converter, the REC300H-W, from RECOM, is now offered with a wide 9V to 36VDC input and output options of 12V, 15V, 24V, and 48VDC isolated to 3kVD

Industrial | 21-11-2022

Expanded AC/DC range ideal for cost-sensitive applications

RECOM added to its AC/DC range with a 130W product that includes comprehensive certifications. The company has expanded this AC/DC power supply range with the RACM130E-K series in

Power | 01-11-2022

New 3W DC-DC converter series offers wide input ranges

RECOM has expanded its range of DC-DC converters with a 3W version of its isolated RSH series in a surface-mount format with wide input ranges. The RECOM RSH3 DC-DC converter is an

Power | 06-10-2022

Compact 500W DC-DC plug and play converter for e-mobility applications

RECOM has launched its cost-effective RMOD500-W range of compact, plug-and-play DC-DC converters for off-highway E-mobility applications. Providing 500W output, the fully-enclosed,

Power | 05-08-2022

LED driver is AEC-Q100 automotive qualified with ‘wettable flanks’

RECOM has extended its product range further with automotive-qualified parts to its RPY-1.5Q: a high-efficiency, cost-effective, 1.5A-rated LED driver. Satisfying the requirements

Lighting Technologies | 06-07-2022

DC-DC converter range meets AEC-Q100

RECOM’s RPX series in QFN package now meets AEC-Q100 Grade 1 requirements. The RPX QFN-packaged DC-DC converters now have ‘-Q’ variants which meet stringent automotive AEC-Q100 Gra

Power | 21-06-2022

Power-dense AC/DC modules feature wide input range and high isolation

RECOM has added a 20W part to its ‘E-K’ range of encapsulated, PCB-mount AC/DC modules, the RAC20E-K/277. Even though it is economically designed, the series is dimensionally of th

Power | 30-03-2022

Custom AC/DCs and DC-DCs offer cost-effective solutions

RECOM can supply fully custom, semi-custom and modified-standard AC/DC and DC-DC converters with a broad range of standard products from 0.25W up to tens of kW. They also offer sem

Power | 21-02-2022

AC/DC power supply features medical certification

RECOM offers its new AC/DC open-frame power supplies with the RACM600-L series. The module can provide 400/450W (115/230VAC) with convection cooling, while 600W is offered with con

Power | 31-01-2022

DC-DC converters designed to power IGBT, Si, SiC and GaN gate drivers

RECOM has added the RA3 series of 3W SMD parts to its low-cost range. They are designed to offer the optimum voltages for semiconductor switch gate drivers. Variants are provided w

Power | 26-01-2022

Surface-mount compact high efficiency DC-DC converters with wide input ranges

RECOM has added the RSH2 series to its DC-DC converter range. The series offers a fully regulated, low noise, isolated 2W DC-DC converter in a surface mount package. The series pro

Power | 10-12-2021

Cost-effective board mount AC/DCs offer a choice of standard footprints

RECOM is offering two new 5W, board-mount AC/DC product ranges with a range of industry-standard sizes and pinouts at competitive prices. The RAC05E-K series is compatible with exi

Power | 01-12-2021

Highly efficient and cost-effective buck converters added to product range

RECOM now provides through-hole, 1/32nd brick-footprint, non-isolated DC-DCs - the RPMA-4.5 and RPMA-8.0, with 4.5A and 8A output ratings, respectively. Each part offers a wide 9-5

Power | 18-11-2021

Eighth-brick DC-DCs offer high efficiency

RECOM now offers two new cost-effective DC-DC devices with outputs of 100W and 300W in a DOSA-compatible low-profile, through-hole eighth-brick format (58.4mm x 23mm). The RPA100E-

Power | 27-10-2021