Multi-topology LED controllers designed for LED lights with high brightness

20-06-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Lighting Technologies

Monolithic Power Systems MPQ2484 Multi-Topology LED Controllers, available now from Mouser, are flexible, asynchronous, and designed for LED lights with high brightness. The MPQ2484 offers buck, boost, and buck-boost configurations, excellent for multi-purpose applications. The controllers provide a 4.5V to 45V wide input voltage (VIN) range with a maximum boost voltage up to 75V. Fast transient response is initiated through peak current mode operation, which eases loop stabilisation.

The controllers switching frequency (fSW) is set by the FSET pin, or it can be synchronised by a 100kHz to 2.2MHz external clock signal. Also, the device offers a configurable frequency spread spectrum function that periodically lets dither switching to improve EMI. The controllers support a dimming switch mode with a P-channel MOSFET. Without a P-channel MOSFET during normal operation, the device can select two-step or PWM dimming.

The devices feature robust fault protections, including thermal shutdown, cycle-by-cycle peak current limiting, output OVP, output SCP, LED open protection, and LED short protection. The device's fault indicator outputs an active logic low signal in case of a fault.

It is housed in a TSSOP-28EP package. Typical applications include Automotive exterior LED lighting – headlights, daytime running lights, and fog lights/signal lights; indoor and outdoor LED lighting; and commercial and industrial LED lighting.

By Natasha Shek