LED matrix manager features an internal clock and EEPROM

01-08-2022 | Texas Instruments | Lighting Technologies

The Texas Instruments TPS92664 16-channel, low-noise LED matrix manager device provides fully dynamic adaptive lighting solutions by enabling individual pixel-level LED control. The device incorporates four sub-strings of four series connected integrated switches for bypassing individual LEDs. The individual sub-strings allow the device to accept single or multiple current sources.

The device incorporates an internal oscillator. The internal oscillator may be shared with other system devices via the internal low noise LVDS transmitter and receiver blocks. The multi-drop, universal, asynchronous, receiver transmitter (UART) serial interface is compatible with TPS92665, TPS92667, TPS92662x and TPS92663x devices. The internal EEPROM stores system defaults and calibration and lighting module data. An on-board ADC with multiplexed inputs samples all LED channels, IC, die temperature and an LED current sense. The ADC also samples dedicated ADC inputs for use with system temperature compensation, LED binning and coding.

The device includes registers for programming phase shift and pulse width of each individual LED in the string and for reporting LED open, short faults and functional parameters.


By Seb Springall

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