LED driver is AEC-Q100 automotive qualified with ‘wettable flanks’

06-07-2022 | Recom International | Lighting Technologies

RECOM has extended its product range further with automotive-qualified parts to its RPY-1.5Q: a high-efficiency, cost-effective, 1.5A-rated LED driver. Satisfying the requirements of AEC-Q100 with optional ‘wettable flanks’ for AOI, the product comes in a thermally-enhanced QFN package with an integrated shielded inductor. It is only 3mm x 5mm x 1.6mm. The device functions over an input range of 4VDC to 36VDC, covering nominal 5, 12, or 24V. The part may be adjusted for lower constant currents, and PWM or analog 0-100% dimming is possible. The temperature rating is -40C to +125C junction temperature, and the part provides an enable input and fault flag indicator. Full protection is incorporated against input undervoltage, over-temperature, and output short circuit and over-current.

While the device will find applications in the automotive market, it is also excellent for general visible or IR lighting for buildings, drones, robotic camera systems, or as a precision current source in test and measurement.

“The addition of ‘wettable flanks’ is an option that automotive customers are now asking for,” says Matthew Dauterive of RECOM. “The feature means that joints can be inspected optically without the need for expensive and slow X-ray techniques.”

By Natasha Shek