Opto-coupler added to a range of high voltage components and converters

25-08-2022 | Luso | Lighting Technologies

HVM has added a 10kV-rated optocoupler to their range of high voltage components and DC-DC converters. The range is available now from Luso Electronics.

The OPTO-100-05 is a miniature 10kV rated high voltage optocoupler which integrates low voltage LED drivers with high voltage photodetector diodes. Designed for ease of use, the OPTO-100-05 delivers circuit isolation in a space-saving (0.4” L x 0.24” W x 0.25” H) encapsulated package. Typical applications for the device include high voltage switching, high voltage isolation, voltage level shifting, external voltage sensing, and mass spectrometry.

The device is easy to use, and no external components are required. the miniature PC board mountable package has a wide operating temp range (-40C to +85C)

This joins the family of products which include the OPTO-150, 15kV optocoupler and the OR-100 10kV opto relay.

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By Seb Springall