Compact half-rack mil grade UPS system provides a lightweight solution

The PG-3000-UPS-HR is an addition to the Powergrid range of Mil-grade UPS products from AJ’s Power Source available through Luso Electronics. The unit provides a run time of approx

Power | 09-02-2023

Ultra-compact convection-cooled power supply offered in four formats

The N2 Power XS125, available now from Luso Electronics, is not only one of the smallest 125W power supplies available, in a 2” x 3” footprint, it is also offered in four different

Power | 25-01-2023

USB-C PD chargers offer fast charging abilities

Luso Electronic Products offer the APD045 and APD065 USB-C Power delivery chargers from Adaptor Technology. These units offer up to 45W and 65W power output, respectively, through

Power | 19-01-2023

Reference design for low-cost mil spec filter allowing use of COTS DC-DC modules

P-Duke has released the reference design displaying how the new MCF Filter can be employed in conjunction with its COTS DC-DC converters and meet the mil standards MIL-STD-1275D an

Test & Measurement | 16-11-2022

Tiny open frame AC/DC unit delivers 50W of industrial power

P-DUKE has added the new TAD50 series to its open-frame power supplies portfolio from 15W to 450W. The device is available now from Luso Electronics. It provides a compact 3"x1.5"

Power | 27-10-2022

Medical PSU family is ideal for use in home applications

P-DUKE has released a new 300W output power series, MAF300, from its medical-grade AC/DC power supplies, ranging from 15W to 450W. The series is available now from Luso Electronics

Power | 08-09-2022

Opto-coupler added to a range of high voltage components and converters

HVM has added a 10kV-rated optocoupler to their range of high voltage components and DC-DC converters. The range is available now from Luso Electronics. The OPTO-100-05 is a miniat

Lighting Technologies | 25-08-2022

New 320W panel mount power supply for household appliance applications

Delta has expanded its panel mount power supply PMR series, available now from Luso Electronics, with the new 320W model for household appliance applications. The new model offers

Power | 19-08-2022

Systems offer secure power for healthcare applications

Specific features on the Protect 8 series from AEG Power Solutions, available now from Luso Electronics, allow the system to satisfy the standards for power supplies in the healthc

Power | 22-07-2022

Expanded compact convection cooled medical PSU range now available

Delta has expanded its MEP Series of open frame convection cooled medical power supplies with the release of the new 120W output model – MEP-120A. The device, available now from Lu

Power | 28-06-2022

Wide range of medical plug top and desktop adaptors are now available

The Adaptor Technology range of medical-grade adaptors is now available from Luso Electronics. The range of Plug Top Adaptors are offered in 6W, 12W, 20W and 24W variants, these ar

Power | 13-05-2022

Lightweight defence grade power supplies

Luso Electronics now offers the AJ Power Source MIL-PWR-VIC series. The series is a ruggedised defence compliant AC/DC and DC-DC high power system built for deployment and operatio

Power | 09-05-2022

New series of UPS systems provide the highest versatility of use

AEG Power Solutions releases the new generation of its 10kVA to 20kVA transformer-less UPS series with the introduction of Protect 1 LCD, the enhanced generation of its Protect 1 f

Power | 13-04-2022

Compact 1" square package with 'Hold Up' functionality

The RCD20U is a DC-DC converter series, available now from Luso Electronics, offering high performance and reliability for railway and industrial applications. It is supplied in a

Power | 04-04-2022