Integrating lighting controllers within modular AV management platform

28-04-2022 | Pharos Architectural Controls | Lighting Technologies

Pharos Architectural Controls Limited has integrated Pharos lighting controllers within the ISAAC Ecosystem, Smart Monkeys' modular AV management platform.

Pharos is a scalable system of embedded lighting control hardware, custom-developed for performance and reliability. The free Pharos Designer 2 software is an intuitive and advanced interface for programming the users selected Pharos controller, which can then be left to run with no external computer required.

"In our favoured markets, such as Themed Entertainment, Museums, and Experience Center, Pharos controllers are a ubiquitous component of the audio-visual system design," said Stephan Villet, managing partner at Smart Monkeys, Inc. "Offering this powerful and seamless integration to our mutual users makes perfect sense."

ISAAC is a centralised management platform for Entertainment and Media systems. It offers end users a cohesive, simple way to take advantage of connected environments. The lighting controllers are now easily programmed to interface with ISAAC for monitoring and scheduling purpose.

"We're delighted with this new Smart Monkeys collaboration," said Bas Hoksbergen, strategic growth manager at Pharos Architectural Controls. "Integrating our Pharos dynamic lighting controllers within the ISAAC ecosystem will be a game-changer for the people we both care most about, our customers. By coming together, we have given these users a compelling solution that is easy to use, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of even the most demanding projects."

The partnership offers a rational solution for operators to have a central place to monitor and manage all areas of their technical systems. It applies to a broad variety of installations in airports, theme parks, casinos, corporate lobbies, museums, visitor centres, urban spaces and beyond.

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